September 7-28, 2012: Plastic Boxes
A solo exhibit by Peter Carlson of 100 sculptural dioramas in miniature.

October 5-26, 2012: generation.yze
A group exhibit of Ketchikan’s young graphic designers, comic illustrators, and tattoo artists curated by Mary Ida Henrikson.

November 2-30, 2012: A Rockwellian Ketchikan
See Ketchikan as Rockwell might have in this solo exhibit of photography by Jeff Fitzwater.

December 7 & 8, 2012: British Shorts (commercials – not pants!)
No one creates funnier or more poignant commercials than the British. Join us for two nights of the 2011 British Arrows Awards winning shorts! $5 at the door.

January 4-25, 2013: To Live Alone Takes Too Long
An invitational exhibit curated by Rich Stage celebrating love…with a few twists.

February 8-22, 2013: the 27th Annual Wearable Art Show
Selected creations from the “Re-Invent” runway show. No opening reception.

March 1-29, 2013: The Spectrum of Being a Woman
An Open Call exhibit exploring the attributes and beauty of being a woman, curated by Maggie Freitag, Diane Naab, Amanda Painter and Laurie Thomas.

April 5-26, 2013: La Folie Circulaire: A Journey Into Bipolar Disorder
Powerful imagery, music and conversation come together for this exhibit exploring the nature of being bipolar curated by Jeff Fitzwater.
Parental discretion is strongly advised due to challenging subject and imagery

May 3-31, 2013: YOU Inspire Me
Sandy Shepard and Becki Hesedahl bring us an exhibit inspired by the environment and their friendship.

June 7-28, 2013: Down to Earth With Figures
Jill Mandt creates an exhibit of clay figures and more.

July 5-26, 2013: Muse: A Solo Exhibit
In a variety of mediums Diane Naab explores just how far her muse will take her.

August 2-30, 2013: Blueberry Arts Festival Exhibit
An Open Call exhibit by a variety of artists working in any medium.


September 2-30, 2011: 24 Hours in Ketchikan
Photographer Chris Arrant captures the extraordinary in the everyday

October 7-28, 2011: Spin Cycle
A solo exhibit of bright, graphic and surreal paintings by Lance Bifoss

November 4-22, 2011: She’s All Smiles
Whimsical, eclectic and colorful paintings by Haley Waddington of Wrangell

December 2, 2011: Winter Art Walk
Bundle up for an evening of holiday cheer- new exhibits, shopping, music, and fun downtown!
Celebrate the end of the Year of the Artist at the Main Street Gallery!

January 6-27, 2012: Tame Animals
Rich, vivid oil paintings by Callie Bellon that provoke strong emotions and tensions using animals in precarious situations

February 10-24, 2012: the 26th Annual Wearable Art Show
Selected creations from the “Shape Shift” runway show. No opening reception

March 2-30, 2012: Creations in Wood
Ketchikan’s Woodturning Club showcases a wide array of wonderful wooden works

April 6-27, 2012: Clouded Visions
Mike Gates’ rich photographs capture crisp dramatic images of Ketchikan

May 4-25, 2012: Figure Out, Celebration of the Sea Art Walk
Marilyn Lee uses new painting mediums to explore a new direction: the expressive potential of the human form

June 1-29, 2012: The Art of Scientific Illustration, Featuring a Natural History Exploration of Revillagigedo Island
A collection of watercolor paintings by Jennifer Kane, focusing on Ketchikan’s natural history in a style that is both sensitive and scientific

July 6-27, 2012: Woven Migrations
A group fiber exhibit, weaving of many cultures and styles by Audrey Armstrong, Carolyn Zeitler, Janet Self, Janice Sullivan and Kathy Rousso

August 3-31, 2012: Blueberry Arts Festival Juried Art Show
An Open Call exhibit by a variety of artists working in any medium


September 3-24, 2010: Random Decades: In that Order
A solo retrospective exhibit by Mary Ida Henrikson celebrating 50 years of oil painting.
October 1-29, 2010: Harvest Time
A solo exhibit of a fall harvest of new work by local Renaissance man, David J. Rubin.
November 5-26, 2010: Alaskan Bestiary
A solo exhibit of paintings by Danelle Landis, inspired by Native Alaskan animal myths.
December 3-17, 2010: Art Ornaments and Cards
An open call exhibit featuring holiday-inspired one-of-a-kind fine art ornaments and cards created in any medium.
January 7-28, 2011: Heart on My Sleeve
An invitational exhibit curated by Halli Kenoyer exploring the trials and tribulations of love through the medium of the valentine.
February 11-25, 2011: the 25th Annual Wearable Art Show
Selected creations from the “ART-i-cu-late” runway show. No opening reception.
March 4-25, 2011: Artability: Unique Gifts, Different Perspectives
An open call exhibit curated by Community Connections Developmental Disabilities program, SAIL, and Kayhi Special Education teachers, celebrating the diversity of perspectives in our community and artistic expression.
April 1-29, 2011: Nature and Nurture
A group exhibit curated by Andrea Murphy and Rachel Esbjornson exploring the nature vs. nurture dichotomy and the space in between.
May 6-27, 2011: Brothers
An invitational exhibit curated by Tim and Ray Troll focusing on the similarities and differences that appear in the work of artist brothers.
June 3-24, 2011: Five Servings of Fiber
An invitational exhibit of a wide array of Ketchikan artists celebrating the Year of the Artist, curated by Victoria Lord.
July 1-29, 2011: Art Lives Here
A solo exhibit of artwork by Marilyn Lee. Using new painting mediums she explores a new direction: the expressive potential of the human form.
August 5-26, 2011: Blueberry Festival Juried Art Show
An Open Call exhibit by a variety of artists working in any medium.


September 4-25, 2009: 7 Women, 7 Lives
An invitational show by artists from Petersburg; unique images in a variety of media.
October 2-30, 2009: Herds, Crowds, and Schools
An installation by Jessica Davila exploring the relationship between individuals and groups.
November 6-27, 2009: India Color
A solo show of acrylic paintings and jewelry with vibrant colors and gold foil, with Indian influences, created by Janine Gibbons.
December 4, 2009: Winter Art Walk and Food Drive
January 8-29, 2010: The Art of Forgiveness
An Open Call exhibit focusing on the healing power of forgiveness, curated by M.J. Cadle and Lauren Johnson.
February 12-26, 2010: the 24th Annual Wearable Art Show
Selected creations from the “On the Rocks” runway show. No opening reception.
March 5-26, 2010: A Year of Drawing… More or Less
Solo exhibit by Sitka artist Norman Campbell- one gallery-sized drawing in exquisite detail, plus other works from throughout the year.
April 2-30, 2010: Our World: The Beauty of Nature Around Us/Designs in Wood
A paired show by photographer Sam Horpestad, who captures natural landscape, and the Ketchikan Woodturning Club who transform natural wood into art- explore the beauty found in nature captured in different mediums, plus an Open Call woodturning opportunity.
May 7-28, 2010: Birds of a Feather and Fish Together
A group show by Carmel Anderson and Susan Christensen, working with water media and fiber art in rich colors.
June 4-25, 2010: A Franklin Dozen- the 13 Virtues
Invitational exhibit with works based on Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues- and their opposing vices.
July 2-30, 2010: Resurrected Radiance
Sculptures and wall hangings by Ketchikan’s Salvage Divas Anne Fitzgerald and Rhonda Scott using metal and salvaged materials, even beach findings!
August 6-27, 2010 Blueberry Festival Juried Art Show
An Open Call exhibit by a variety of artists in any medium.


September 5-26, 2008: Hygiene is My Gene
An installation of photographs by Virginia Detjen. See everyday hygiene in a whole new way!
October 3-31, 2008: WeLead Saxman
A group exhibit of photographs by youth photographers of Saxman
December 5, 2008: Winter Art Walk and Food Drive
Holiday-Inspired Artwork by Ketchikan Students
January 2-30, 2009: Sweet and Sour Hearts
An invitational show of Valentine Hearts, displaying the perks and pitfalls of Love. Curated by Halli Kenoyer and Rich Stage.
February13-27, 2009: the 23rd Annual Wearable Art Show
Selected creations from the “Feast Your Eyes” runway show. No opening reception.
March 6-27, 2009: Puzzled!
Large puzzle pieces are transformed into artwork by a diverse range of artists, then reassembled into one large gallery piece, curated by Diane Naab
April 3-24, 2009: Baby Love
A celebration of new life expressed in artwork and craft. An Open Call exhibit curated by Charlotte Glover, Penny Pedersen, and Dawn Rauwolf
May 1-29, 2009: A Collective Animal Kingdom
Beautifully designed digital images of the herds, pods, and schools of the animal world created by Sarah Asper-Smith
June 5-26, 2009: Strange Heart
Original paintings by Lance Bifoss, with a pop-art, surreal, cartoon style based on a heart theme.
July 3-24, 2009: 100 X 100
100 works of art donated by local and guest artists, all with a price tag of $100, curated by Keri Willoughby. All sales benefit the KAAHC and Mainstay Gallery.
July 31-August 28, 2009- Blueberry Festival Juried Art Show
An open call exhibit by a variety of artists in any medium.