Here is your chance to say YOU are part of the magic of Wearable Art!!! Every year we ask the greatest minds of Ketchikan to help us with our theme, we sift through millions of entries, words, ideas, concepts, and without a doubt someone wants unicorns! We then systematically sift through bits of paper and apply very long mathematical equations to find the three most compelling themes to present back to you, Ketchikan so that you might take this opportunity to support Wearable Art by voting with your dollars!

By voting online you have the opportunity to get more votes for your bucks! 10 bucks get you 12 votes! 20 gets you 24! What a deal!


Upside Down

Circus of Curiosities


Ketchikan’s Wearable Art Show is the original runway performance that has become a state- and world-wide phenomenon! Artists in the Ketchikan community and beyond create original wearable wonders out of duct tape, foam, sequins, trash bags, wood, milk jugs…you get the idea… and LOTS of glue! The artwork comes alive modeled on the runway to music- fashion, sculpture, engineering, theatrics, dance and music in one magical performance. It’s a spectacle that defies description and an unforgettable experience!