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September 18 – Theme: Tools of Trade

Host: Jack Finnegan
Jack Finnegan is a fortunate man: born and raised in the Midwest, his worldview was first shaped by that region’s particular American wholesomeness. He was further seasoned by eighteen summers in the American south, at a summer camp in Tennessee. At 19, he moved to New York City, where his perspective was peppered by the diversity and challenges of that global capital. Seventeen years later, he arrived in Alaska, where he is gaining new knowledge and skills, now in an American wilderness. He loves language and stories and people, and he’s glad that you’re here.

Natalie Saxon
Natalie Saxon is a wide-eyed pessimist from Atlanta, Georgia, who was lucky to spend her first Alaskan summer in Ketchikan. In two weeks, she sets sail for volunteering in Guatemala. After that, even the salmonberries don’t dare soothsay. Natalie is steered by her heart first, then her love of peanut butter but principally whether or not an experience will make a good story. Outkast is her Spirit Animal and she never met a musical soundtrack she didn’t like.


Bill Tatsuda
Bill is the Owner of Tatsuda’s IGA family business since 1916.  Bill is a Kayhi graduate from the class of 1966. He’s a lovely man and a fine supporter of our community. He has a BA in Administration and Accounting from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He is the husband of Xiao Nan Tatsuda, they have two wonderful daughters, Katherine and Robin and three grandchildren.


Heidi Poet
Heidi Poet was lucky enough to be born in Ketchikan 25 years ago and continues to be amazed by the artistic talent in her hometown. She has been involved in a number of productions with the local community theater, displayed original photographs in an art exhibit, and loves playing music with talented local musicians. She is honored to have been asked to participate in yet another stunning example of artistic expression in this lovely and artistically supportive town.


Joey Ravinski
Joey Ravinsky didn’t get his bio to us in time so we trolled his Facebook page to “get to know him a bit”.  When about his favorite 3 NBA players of all time, he blurted out Reggie Miller, Kevin Johnson, and Arvydas Sabonis. Even after 48 hours and he still believed that! This revelation was catalyst to a greater sense of self-knowledge. He is passionate about sports, was very sunburned at some point and, while he may be young he knows a thing or two about the Beatles Revolver album. He is a contributor to the blog “The Seasonals” A digital magazine of adventurous stories cultivated from seasonal workers from around the world.


February 15 – Crows Nest at the US Coast Guard Base

Storytellers: SaanuGa Flanery, Tom Fowler, Jim Guenther, Derek McGarrigan, AJ Slagle and Angie Taggart

September 20- Crows Nest US Coast Guard Base

Storytellers: Kristen Baltz, Rebecca Bowlen, Matt Eisenhower, Dana Fizpatrick