Introducing Art and Hugh!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

In an endeavor to make the Arts Council even more relevant, vital and widely supported in the community, we have decided to (un)officially adopt two endearing, squishy, purple manatees as our mascots. Aren’t they adorable? A warm welcome to Art & Hugh! Why manatees? Aside from their artistic nature, which many naturalists grossly underestimate, they are known to be very peaceful, friendly creatures who enjoy constant snacking. Moreover, they are the only mammals known in the world to have redefined performance art through napping. They look good in berets. They are truly a species worthy of being on the front lines of arts advocacy. And, most importantly: Art & Hugh Manatees = Art & Humanities……. get it? See what we did there? Very clever, much like manatees.

Please join us in our fight to stop crimes against Hugh Manatee.
YOU can make a difference!!!

Become an Arts Council Member today! (Shameless? we know…)

AND did you know that manatees can talk? How about type???
In addition to the many other incredible things that manatees do, they can communicate.
In fact, they even have blogs.