You may begin setting up your booth at 7:00 am, on Saturday, August 5. Unload, park your vehicle outside of the Main Street area and then return to set-up.  All vehicles must be out of the parking garage/parking lots by 8:30 am.  No cars will be allowed in after 8:30 am—NO EXCEPTIONS!  This is a safety issue and no exceptions will be made.  If you have not started setting up by 9:00 am, you forfeit your space.

Your booth must stay within the 8’ wide x 10’ deep chalk outline (City Parking Lot spaces are 10’ x 10’).

You must supply your own table, chairs, and awnings. If you’ve signed up for electricity, you must supply your own extension cords and surge protector and secure them with tape so they aren’t a hazard.  You will have to share outlets. If you want to confirm that electricity is available at your booth please call Marni at 225.2211.

All booths must be ready for customers from 10am-5:00 pm.

All booths must remain assembled and open until the Festival closes at 5:00 pm. If you sell out, put up a “SOLD OUT” sign and wait until 5:00 pm to pack up.

Please plan to clean-up all trash around your area.

Please be patient as everyone packs up their vehicles and leaves.  We reserve the right to deny participation in future Festivals to vendors who disregard traffic control efforts or who are bad neighbors.  Police will direct traffic starting at 5:00 pm.

**Attention FOOD BOOTH Participants!!**

Click here for fire extinguisher information.

You must bring at least one large garbage can of your own (and a supply of garbage bags) to be placed next to your booth.  Please haul your garbage to the dumpster in the church lot/city lot. Keep your customers safe by taping down and securing all cords running along the ground.

Food vendors must also put down cardboard or a similar disposable absorbent material on the ground in the footprint of your booth to absorb any oils or liquids that spill, both for cleanliness and your safety.

The Health Inspector has the authority to close your booth at any time during the Festival for violations such as not having a hand-washing station or a permit. (Food Permit questions: 225.6200)

Thanks for making this the fantastic community event it is and I look forward to working with all of you! Feel free to contact me with any questions: or 907.225.2211.