Drawing is not just for the professionals!
Traditional Style Beginning Drawing with Chris Rose


Traditional Style Beginning Drawing with Chris Rose
Tuesdays, January 12-April 12, 2016
6:30-8:30pm @ The Main Street Gallery

Drawing is NOT a given talent, it is learned. Come develop your skills through a series of fun basic drawing exercises that will help you practice. The more you draw, the better you will become.

Open to high school and adults. $140 for all 14 sessions. $15 drop-in fee.
Participants are encouraged to register for entire class!
Contact Marni at 225.2211 or MarniR@ketchikanarts.org to register.

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Materials List:

The Arts Council has basic drawing paper and newsprint for you to use tomorrow, but below is the materials list for the entire class (Tongass Business Center should have these in stock):

• One each of the following drawing pencils: 6b, 2b, HB, 2H, 4H, or one complete set of pencils.
• One bag of mixed-size of large-size Bob’s Fine Vine Charcoal or equivalent.
• Compressed charcoal – 4b or 6b. Buy 2 sticks. (Conte brand is the best.)
• Conte crayons: 2 sticks of soft black, 2 sticks of terra cotta or other warm earth tone, 2 sticks of white.
• Graphite stick – 6b or 4b.
• 1 or 2oz. bottle of black India Ink.
• Ink pen and metal nibs (sets are best value)
• Erasers – 1 Art Gum, 1 White Vinyl Pen Eraser, 1 Kneaded
• 9”x12” sketchbook

Other supplies that you may want to purchase:
• A drawing board large enough for 18”x24” paper (TBC does have these in stock, but the Arts Council has pieces of plastic-core that can be used instead if you need)
A field drawing easel of your choice
• Portfolio to hold drawings (or you can make your own using cardboard!)

Class Agenda:

Week 1: Open draw with still life

Week 2: Gestural Expression

Week 3: Contour Drawing Demo and images

Week 4: Contour Lines and Negative Spaces

Week 5:  Blind Contour Line

Week 6: Cross Contour Line