Rasmuson Sabbatical Grant

October 1, 2017 all-day
Jeff Baird Program Officer
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The Sabbatical Program provides tribal executives and nonprofit CEOs/executive directors with time away from the office for rest and personal renewal. The Foundation believes nonprofit CEOs/executive directors and tribal administrators are able to better serve their organizations when they have taken extended time away to reflect on their work, gain insight into what they want to accomplish in their careers, learn better ways to run their organizations, and renew their personal energy.

Sabbaticals often help executives return to their jobs with renewed enthusiasm and allow their organizations nurture up-and-coming talent within their ranks. That’s according to a study supported in part by Rasmuson Foundation.

Additional information
This award is for the personal renewal of the applicant. Activities dedicated to personal renewal as defined by the recipient may include travel, personal enrichment, time for reflection, or simply rest. Awards will support sabbaticals of 60 to 180 continuous days. Sabbatical recipients are expected to fully step away from their organizations for the length of the sabbatical. The grants, up to $40,000, are awarded to the organization to cover salary and expenses of the executive during the sabbatical. No distinction is made between large and small organizations.

• Applicant must be an Alaska resident with at least five years in the nonprofit sector and at least three years in his/her current position.
• The organization must be an Alaska 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tribal entity or equivalent. Executives of arts organizations are eligible.
• Applicant must be the CEO, executive director or tribal administrator of their organization.

• The organization must agree to continue paying employee benefits to the recipient during the sabbatical.
• The application must be supported by the applicant’s board of directors.
• During the sabbatical, award recipients must participate in a peer support network through the Foraker Group.
• An interim leader must be identified by the organization in the plan for how the organization will be managed in the chief executive’s absence. Technical assistance before, during and after the sabbatical is available through the Foraker Group at no charge to the recipient organization.
• The participant must commit to return to the organization for a minimum of one year after the sabbatical. The participant also must commit to pay back all expenses to the organization if he or she leaves before the year is complete.
• Within three months of completing the sabbatical, participant must provide the foundation with a written report of no more than three double-spaced pages on the benefits of the time away from work and any challenges faced.

• Individuals may be nominated online. A nomination does not replace an application. The candidate nominated will be notified and encouraged to complete an application for consideration.
• Applications must be postmarked by October 1.