Arts Council Newsletter- September 2011

September 1st, 2011

24 Hours in Ketchikan * Torch Nights Performance Season
Main Street Gallery Season * Artist Development Workshops
Member of the Month * Winter Arts Faire Applications
Fun Fact * New and Renewing Members

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24 Hours in Ketchikan

The 2011-2012 Main Street Gallery Season starts off fresh with a photography exhibit by Chris Arrant, who captures the extraordinary in the everyday Ketchikan.

There’s no denying that Ketchikan is definitely a beautiful, scenic place to live. Some fairly common views that jump to mind when you think of Ketchikan: Deer Mountain, Bugge Beach, the Welcome Arch, or any number of landmarks that are part of our beautiful backdrop. There are many photos and images of these identifying landmarks, so many that sometimes we feel inundated- the unique and amazing features of our area start to become very commonplace sights, the stuff of postcards, t-shirts and glossy brochures. Chris Arrant’s photographs of Ketchikan are a surprising and refreshing look at our hometown. His subjects are the more ephemeral and spontaneous images and sights that, on second thought, are truly the flavor and essence of life here in Southeast Alaska. His photos capture what we may not stop and take note of, the subtle little moment, the fleeting expression, and makes them timeless and unique. You get the feeling that he carries his camera everywhere. His composition sense stands out, his timing seems uncanny, and both serve to give life and feeling to his subjects. A lot of the time his subjects are things we wouldn’t ever think to take a picture of, he takes time to notice, and he takes time to frame it just right.  Some shots are eerie or disorienting, while others are clever or can easily make you chuckle. No matter the mood, he is very good at placing you in the moment. Chris’s photos are more than just pretty vistas- they are images that come from familiarity with a place, from knowing it’s little idiosyncrasies, an insider look at Ketchikan.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your eyes fresh, to keep yourself from going blind to what is all around you constantly every day. We forget to look around us at the small details, the moments, the completely unique little instants that are the true stuff of the ‘everyday.’ Chris Arrant’s images are a good reminder to take it in with new perspective.

Please join us for the free opening reception for “24 Hours in Ketchikan” on Friday, September 2, 5-7pm at the Main Street Gallery.  Interested in learning more about Chris’ work? Join us on Monday, September 19 at 5:30pm for a free artist talk.


The 2011-2012 Torch Nights Performance Series!

Have a look at who’s coming to Ketchikan this season!

Careless Lovers: October 8, 2011

Angie and the Car Wrecks Halloween Bash: October 29, 2011

Shape Shift, the 26th Annual Wearable Art Show: February 2, 3 & 4, 2012

Moira Smiley & VOCO: March 3, 2012

Grand Derangement: March 28, 2012

Thodos Dance Chicago: April 9, 2012

2011 2012 Torch Nights Season (Full Brochure)

Get a reserved-seat ticket to the Wearable Art Show on the night of your choice, and get $5 off when you purchase any other Torch Nights performance tickets!

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Support the arts AND advertise your business in the Torch Nights programs.  Reasonable rates gets your ad in every concert program, Wearable and the Blueberry Arts Festival guide!


The 2011-2012 Main Street Gallery Season!

Thanks to our 2011-2012 Sponsor:


September 2-30, 2011:   24 Hours in Ketchikan
October 7-28, 2011:   Spin Cycle
November 4-22, 2011:   She’s All Smiles
December 2, 2011:   Winter Art Walk
January 6-27, 2012:   Tame Animals
February 10-24, 2012:   the 26th Annual Wearable Art Show
March 2-30, 2012:   Creations in Wood
April 6-27, 2012:   Clouded Visions
May 4-25, 2012:   Figure Out
June 1-29, 2012:   A Natural History Exploration of Revillagigedo Island
July 6-27, 2012:   Woven Migrations
August 3-31, 2012:   Blueberry Arts Festival Juried Art Show


Artist Development Workshops

Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council offers Annual Artist Development Workshops at the Main Street Gallery. This season, we’re focusing on Getting Your Artwork Online! Individual Classes $75 each OR $200 for All Four workshops plus the Final Show & DON’T Tell!  Contact the Arts Council at 225.2211 to sign-up!

1. Web Marketing for Artists- September 15, 2011 6:00-7:30pm
Local photographer Chris Arrant shows you inexpensive and user-friendly web marketing tools to help you get your art online and ready for world-wide viewing! We will cover websites, selling artwork online, and more! Rayana White, an Etsy featured seller, will show you the basics of utilizing this well-known online marketplace for artists and creators.

2. Web Portfolios & the ‘Art Lives Here’ Artist Registry- September 22, 2011, 6:00-7:30pm

Learn the basic components of any digital portfolio so you’re ready to participate online in the Artist Registry, Call For Entry, Etsy, and other web-based marketing for artists. Show your art to the world, gain recognition, seek grants, and make sales!

3. Digitally Photographing Your Artwork- September 29, 2011, 6:00-7:30pm
Join local photographer and marketing consultant Marvin Scott for a seminar focusing on photographing artwork of
various mediums.  This class is intended to give artists basic knowledge to help achieve higher quality images to represent your artwork. Subjects covered will include basic lighting, optimal camera settings and how to process your images using free image editing software. FREE for those who took the workshop series last year ($50 OFF total for full series).

4. Call For Entry, (CaFE)- October 11, 2011 6:00-7:30pm
The CAFE system  allows you to create and maintain an online portfolio that can be used to apply for a wide array of
opportunities. This is an important tool for artists that gives you access to apply for RFPs, exhibit and grant opportunities across the country, and that allows you to efficiently send customized electronic applications. A local artist will show the steps she takes to apply for an RFP and send an application in the system. Bring your laptop, if you have one, and plan to get registered in the CAFE system in the last half hour.

* Show & (Don’t) Tell- November 8, 2011, 6:00-7:30pm
Those who signed up for all workshops are invited to share your digital portfolio with your classmates and local gallery owners at the Main Street Gallery at an evening celebration! We want this to be an accurate reflection of what your digital portfolio is communicating- so Artists: no explaining, let your work speak for itself! Enjoy refreshments, art, and a great opportunity!


Member of the Month

You know how every 25 years Ketchikan Theatre Ballet gets a new Director?  Well as far as we can tell for the next 25 year Elizabeth Long is going to be the director of KTB!!  Congratulations Elizabeth!!!  And we would like to honor her this month as the MoM (Member of the Month)!!  In case you didn’t know – Elizabeth is from Columbia, Missouri, and has been dancing since she was 7 years old.  She first got the bug to choreograph dance in high school but it wasn’t until she took a composition and choreography class in college that she began following that passion. Elizabeth went to college with Ketchikan-ite and fellow dancer, Elizabeth Schafer, and was working in Oklahoma when she got a note from Elizabeth that a job was open at KTB.  She moved to Ketchikan in 2010 as Assistant Director, and interviewed with former KTB director Marguerite Auger and 3 Board members to win the Directorship.  As of June 2011 she became the new Director.

Already Elizabeth has gotten started engaging the community and the first place was in the Gigglefeet Dance Festival where she was absolutely a MANIAC of efficiency at the rehearsals – she danced in two of the pieces, and she was the stage manager.  AND she was apparently calm the whole time!  And we are excited to announce that under Elizabeth’s direction, KTB will be partnering with the Arts Council in bringing Thodos Dance Chicago to Ketchikan on April 9th, 2012.  KTB will be helping us with all the things that are specific to dance that evening and we are so grateful for the partnership!!!

After Elizabeth’s 25 years as the Director of KTB, she will retire in the year 2036 at the age of 53. Cool Beans!!


Winter Arts Faire

Winter Arts Faire application! Last year’s vendors have until October 7th to reclaim their booth spaces.


Fun Fact

The Arts Council is participating in a survey conducted by the Americans for the Arts and is called: “Arts and Economic Prosperity IV – The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences”… long title – important subject.  Arts organizations across the land (specifically Ketchikan) will be asking YOU to answer some simple questions in order to complete their portion of the survey.  Please help us to understand how the creative industries of Ketchikan are making an economic impact in our community!  Call the Arts Council if you have questions – 225-2211


Birthday Girl Goes to the Big City

Happy Birthday to our favorite Program Director, Ann Froeschle!  Grannie Annie is turning the big 3-0 this month!! We expect our little Annie to begin thinking about big girl things like, oh…  shoes that other than black converses, eating other things than cheese,  not parading around in her monkey suit unless it is Halloween, and updating her drivers license with her current address now that she has lived here for 10% of her life.  Granny Annie has headed to Seattle – all on her own – for a booking conference (yes, she’s already diligently working on next season) and then a little rest and merriment at Bumbershoot! We send our best wishes for her birthday  – may it be filled with great music, sunshine and lots of CHEEEEESSSSSE!!!  Happy Birthday Ann – from Anita, Kathleen and Calamity Jane!!! We miss you!!!!


New & Renewing Members

Thank you to these folks for supporting the arts with their membership!

Al and Mimi Kotlarov
Angela Wamhoff
Anita and Ken Duckett
Barbara and Robert Failing
Barry and Judy Christensen
Beth Antonsen
Candy Peterson
Cathy and Larry Tillotson
Char and Bruce White
Crazy Wolf Studio
Danelle and David Landis
Deborah Otte
Diane and Michael Naab
Faith L. Duncan and Dennis Neill
Heidi Y. Poet
Jeannie Blackmore and Pat Haley
Jeff Fitzwater and Bonnie Paddock
Jennifer Kane
Jim and Lesley Kempsell
Joann Flora and Bob Bloom
Jordan Morales
Judy Knecht
Kari Roosenberg
Katie Els
Michael and Paula Jurczak
Mike’s Elbow Room Sports Bar
Otter Creek Partners
Phoebe and Phil Newman
Punkin Schenck
Rainy Day Quilters
Rayford Pointer and Maria Crowl-Pointer
Ron and Jackie Keizer
Shay LeBeau
Terri Robbins
Tongass Business Center
Wynelle Snow