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Ketchikan Arts

Arts Council Newsletter- May 2011

May 5th, 2011

* Brothers *
* Celebration of the Sea * Blueberry Arts Festival *
* Volunteer & Business of the Year *
* Member of the Month *

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Art Brothers

On Display May 6-27
Main Street Gallery

The May exhibit at the Arts Council’s Main Street Gallery showcases the artwork of brother pairs gathered together from across the state, curated by brothers Ray and Tim Troll.

Tim Troll said “the show (will) provide a look at how two people raised in the same family with similar experiences and influences incorporate those influences into their art with differing results. The show might also reveal how each may have influenced the other.” It’s certainly fun to imagine the young Tim and Ray showing each other different artists and their work, comparing drawings as they first started creating (“oh yeah? Look at this!”), showing each other new artists they had discovered and thought were great (I’ve never seen artist trading cards, but I’ll admit the image of two young guys exchanging art instead of baseball cards gives me a chuckle), or even showing each other new mediums or techniques (or possibly fighting about who used up the last of the cadmium red paint).

Ray openly acknowledges the huge influence his older brother had on his work- and it’s our chance to see in person if there’s any visual evidence! With the inclusion of an impressive list of other artist brothers, the exploration can go beyond the history of one sibling set and into an investigation of the influence of family relations, upbringing and genetics on the art an individual creates. The show even includes multi-generation brothers: Will Burkhart and Dave Galanin, and the sons of Dave, Jerrod and Nick Galanin, all living in Sitka. Also showing are Dan and Ken Deroux, Israel Shotridge and Norman Jackson, Ron and Joe Senungetuk, and Leif and Erik Sivertsen. (See, told you it was impressive!)

We get to see the works of brothers with a wide array of origins, styles, and mediums ranging from metalwork to paint, printmaking to pottery. And maybe we’ll get to hear some stories, too!

Please join us for the opening reception of “Brothers” on Friday, May 6, 5-7pm at the Main Street Gallery. The reception is free, all are welcome, and refreshments will be served. “Brothers” will be on display at the Main Street Gallery until Friday, May 27th.


Celebration of the Sea Art Walk

Friday, May 6

Visit Downtown and Newtown for art, music, theater, food and fun!

Events are 5-8 pm (unless otherwise noted). Click here for a Celebration of the Sea Art Walk flyer and map!

Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council’s Main Street Gallery 330 Main Street
5-7 p.m. Opening reception for “Brothers”, an invitational show curated by Ray and Tim Troll focusing on the similarities and differences that appear in the work of artist brothers.

Simply Bella Boutique
342 Front Street
Shoes as art? Yes, oh yes!

Sweet Mermaids 340 Front Street
Delight in the sweet culinary arts of Ketchikan’s newest bakery!

Everyday Alaskan Gifts 405 Dock Street
Meet and greet Sandy Shepard and Terry Leberman and enjoy their artistic talents. Try our “Under the Sea” treats and check out the new “Taste of Alaska” station.

Scanlon Gallery 318 Mission Street
Featuring Barbara Lavallee and her five new watercolor prints of Ketchikan plus new designs from silversmith George Estrella

The Good Coffee Company 401 Mission Street
Enjoy Middle Eastern treats! Yummy!

Studio K 411B Mission Street
Enjoy refreshments and delicious food while you check out the new art & jewelry collection. Door prizes!

Forget-Me-Not Sweater Shoppe 605 Mission

Come see us at our new location!

Crazy Wolf Studio 607 Mission Street
Specializing in authentic Northwest Coast Native art – come see what Ken’s being up to!

Tongass Historical Museum 629 Dock Street
5-7 p.m. Opening reception for summer exhibit “Our Town: the Life and Times of Ketchikan”.

Parnassus Books #5 Creek Street, Upstairs
Fishy refreshments, browse our books of Alaska Fish Tales and enter to win fishy prizes!

Soho Coho Gallery #5 Creek Street
Featuring new original linocuts by Evon Zerbetz, introducing Cara Murray’s original works plus the debut of Ray Troll’s
2011 line of T-shirts

Fish Creek Company #13 Creek Street

New prints by Israel Shotridge and silver jewelry by Gene Chilton

Ketchikan Dry Goods 219 Stedman Street
Check out works by Lance Bifoss, J.Jewelry Designs, Ivy Rose, Sarah McCarron, Brooke Ratzat, Amber Williams, Linnie & Mykael Effenberger

Chinook and Company 307 Stedman Street
Featuring new artwork from Kayhi’s National Art Honor Society.

Cedar Chest Gifts & Gallery 329 Stedman

Featuring functional art by Carolyn Kieckhaefer: “Ketchikan Sneaker” Boot vase and fish platters.

Starboard Frames & Gifts Plaza Mall, 2nd floor
4-7 p.m. Jewelry making demonstration by Kelsey Kenyon, more new works by Spring Moon and Becki Hesedahl

The Point 25 Jefferson Way
New works of art by Chris Rose and Linnie Effenberger. Enjoy live music and check out Beside the Point!

Special Events – Friday, May 6

Native Faces Gift Shop Opening
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saxman

Unveiling of Nathan Jackson’s newest screen
5 p.m. Saxman Community Center
Everyone is invited to the unveiling of Nathan Jackson’s screen

Blessing of the Fleet
6 p.m. Alaska Fish House dock

Everyone is invited to watch the blessing from the Alaska Fish House dock. Appetizers provided by Trident Seafoods & the Alaska Fish House.

Ketchikan CHARR’s “A Taste of Ketchikan”
6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau, 131 Front Street
$20 donation supports the CHARR Scholarship Fund & KRBD – Smooth wines & seasonal beers with hors d’oeuvres

“Ketchikan – A Fish Story”
7 p.m. SE Alaska Discovery Center 50 Main Street
Showing of the 2010 video highlighting Ketchikan’s fishing culture

Cut Plug Original Short Theater Fest
7:30 p.m. Saxman Tribal House
First City Players’ original play, storytelling, improv, or what-have-you, festival of live performance. For tickets, call 225-4792

Ketchikan Coffee Company 211 Stedman

8 p.m. Annual Shanties and Songs of the Sea. Join Greg Thomas and friends for a rollicking good time after the Art Walk.

Special Events – Saturday, May 7

Southeast Sea Kayak’s Celebration of the Littoral Sea
9 a.m. Starts at Westflight Bldg, 1621 Tongass Avenue
Meet the wild creatures of the inter-tidal zone on a fun low tide paddle. First timers welcome! $15/person or bring your own kayak along for free. Space is limited, call 225-1258 to sign-up. Proceeds benefit the Sea Scouts of Ketchikan.

Native Faces Gift Shop Opening

9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saxman

Saxman Saturday Market
9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saxman Community Center
Everyone welcome! Alaska Native crafts and food
12 – 4 p.m. Mother’s Day crafts, $2/child to cover supplies

Making Cement Garden Stones
10 a.m. – 12 p.m. SE Alaska Discovery Center

Led by Dawn Rauwolf and Geenah Caraglin. Call 228-6220 to reserve spot.

Plaza Mall’s Celebration of the Sea Carnival
10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Plaza Mall
Music by Lighthouse Church of God. First 400 people get a free meal at Taco Time or McDonald’s. Door prizes every 1/2 hour, live music, facepainting, clowns, cotton candy, popcorn, cupcake walk, plinko drop, ring toss and more!

Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show
6 p.m. 420 Spruce Mill Way
Free community performance. Bring a canned good item to donate!

“One for the Road” presented by First City Players

7:30 p.m. Saxman Tribal House
Dynamic performance of a man contemplating his own fate, written by and starring Bill Patton. For tickets, call 225-4792


Blueberry Art Festival 2011

Design by Cara Murray

Congratulations to Cara Murray for her winning Blueberry Arts Festival design! Members will be able to pre-order T-shirts in June. T-shirts will available at the Main Street Gallery in July.

Interested in having a booth? Booth applications will be available on May 9. Registration for renewing booths (2010 vendors) is May 9-June 3. Remaining booths will be filled starting on June 6 from applications received. Artists receive preference for premium spaces – first come, first served. Members receive huge discounts on booth fees!


Annual Meeting Awards: Volunteer & Business of the Year

The Arts Council announced this year’s Volunteer and Business of the Year at our final Torch Nights performance, Honky Tonk Habit. But in case you weren’t there to hear the news, we thought we’d better get the word out again so they get the major kudos they deserve! Please join in thanking these very generous folks for all they do to make art happen in our community!

Volunteer of the Year: Jeannie Blackmore
Okay, so she might give us the stink eye when we haven’t dead-headed the plants recently, but that’s because she was the one who lovingly planted all those beautiful flowers in the Arts Council’s flower box and the planters on the deck! You may have seen Jeannie out there digging with a spoon (literally) with her shirt sleeves rolled up, making the entrance to the gallery cheerful and bright. Next time you do, stop and thank her. She’s put in tons of volunteer hours creating a floral work of art to greet anyone who visits the Arts Council, one that everyone can enjoy every day. But that’s not all! Jeannie also dedicated herself to helping document all the public art in Ketchikan. Let me say that again: ALL the public art in Ketchikan. That’s hundreds and hundreds of pieces, located all the way from North of town to South. This meant photographing each piece, gathering information about the artist, title, time of creation, and anything else available, even the GPS location (I’m not kidding), and then compiling all data in a logical system that can be added to and updated as new works are created or found. Thanks to Jeannie, who worked to gather and record the information along with Ray Troll and Mary Ida Henrikson, then typed up, sorted and compiled everything all on her own, we are now able to work on getting the public art of Ketchikan out into the world. Go Jeannie Go! With the immaculate (and Anita would want you all to know they were also labeled) binders of information, we were able to start work on a website that will be a comprehensive and searchable database of Ketchikan’s Public Art. We’re loading in information right now! Jeannie made this project possible, through many long hours of note-taking, sorting, typing, planning, and researching. Jeannie, you warm our hearts with your huge gift of time and expertise, your willingness to dig in the dirt and dig for information, and all of us get to benefit! You make your community a better and more beautiful place to live in.

Business of the Year: Ketchikan Coffee Company and the New York Hotel
We just couldn’t choose between them, and figured they would be okay with sharing the title this year seeing as how they’re neighbors and all! First, the Ketchikan Coffee Company. Not only do they put up with our groggy half-competent coffee orders every Thursday morning, they also go above and beyond for Torch Nights events. Thanks to the generosity of the Ketchikan Coffee Company, we have been able to offer Ketchikan the chance to brush elbows with international performers at multiple after party events. The KCC has hosted a long list of events for the Arts Council, including The Squirm Burpee Circus “Sideshow” After Party (complete with a costume contest and impromptu swing dance performance), and recently the “Luau” After Party following the Hula performance, where they let us hang up fake coconut bras and leis, and even put up with big shiny gold palm trees. For these events, KCC staff has to work long hours, they let us put weird decorations in the space, they order and plan a menu to suit the theme, arrange the space, and then… clean up. This is a lot to ask, and they have always been welling to put in the added time, bust out a coconut bra, stay up past their bedtimes, and be incredibly nice about the whole thing. They don’t even give us strange looks when we propose themes or decorations! But that’s not all – they are an art gallery too! PLUS they provide a place for Ketchikan’s local musicians to perform and create. AND they host and co-sponsor the Richard Braughtigan and Dick Whitaker…….Poetry Contest every year for the Blueberry Arts Festival. Thank you deeply! Cheers!

Next (do0r), New York Hotel. Every year the New York Hotel hosts performers for the Torch Nights Series. This is a generous contribution that we really and truly could not do without- we would be unable to cover the cost of performances. But their gift goes beyond providing rooms. The whole crew shows great care and dedication to taking care of the people we bring to town. Jose has been at the ready to transport performers to the airport in the van (which we would otherwise have to rent) in the wee hours of the morning, when we really shouldn’t be driving after putting on a show until 1am. And we completely trust him to get them there on time, safely, and even to be friendly. This is a hard one to let anybody help with, since the consequences of, say, Richie Havens missing his next gig because he didn’t make it out of Ketchikan is something we don’t want to think about. It means a tremendous amount to all of us at the Arts Council that the New York Hotel staff are reliable, more than competent, kind, and go the extra mile. We want performers to talk glowingly about Ketchikan to their performing friends, to have Ketchikan get a reputation for being one of the best places to play at, and best locations to visit. Their hospitality makes a difference in the level of performances we are able to offer the community. The contributions of the Inn at Creek Street and the New York Hotel over many years have meant that we all get to enjoy incredible shows, and they are doing a fabulous job of putting Ketchikan’s best face forward. Thank you very very much!


Member of the Month: YOU!

We’d like to take a moment to recognize your dedication to the arts. You have read your Arts Council Newsletter all the way to this point. Good work! You show commitment to keeping yourself informed, you have kept your membership up to date (right?), and for that we thank you. You’ve come to the gallery openings on every First Friday, you bought your 2010-2011 Season Pass for your reserved Wearable Art Show seats and CAN’T WAIT to purchase your 2011-2012 Season Pass at the Blueberry Arts Festival, you read your Weekly Arts Update every week with baited breath, you listen to the Arts Report on KRBD every Thursday morning and forgive Ann and Kathleen for their lack of coherence prior to coffee, you always pick up your artwork purchases on time, you let Anita know what night you wanted to attend the Wearable Art Show, you have friended the Arts Council on Facebook, and you brought us cheese. We like you.


New and Renewing Members

Thanks to these members who joined or renewed their Arts Council membership in April! These memberships help provide opportunities for all community members to experience the arts.

Dick and Margot Miller
Don and Marcia Kenoyer
Fish Creek Company
Southeast Exposure Sea Kayak Co.
Ketchikan Theatre Ballet
Marcella Brendible
Pamela Peterson
Rebecca Albrant
Roxanne Bauer

Sandy Shepard
Seth Krasnow
Southeast Alaska Discovery Center
Southeast Sea Kayaks
Terry O’Hara


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