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Four Servings of Fiber

On Display June 3-24

The June exhibit at the Main Street Gallery is full of colorful fiber masterpieces made by some very colorful artists! Ann Carlson, Lizzio, Sherry Henrickson and Deb Turnbull are stitching together one incredible exhibit!

“Our collaborative show, FOUR SERVINGS OF FIBER, proposes to wrap, drape, swaddle, hang, festoon and otherwise bedeck the Main Street Gallery in fiber art.”

They’re not joking, either. I think they have pretty much measured every wall, ceiling and doorway in the entire Gallery. Each of these women is contributing her own aesthetic and medium of fiber art to help dress up the space. To give you an idea of just what these ladies are up to, here’s your chance to meet each of the artists- I’ll let them introduce themselves!

Ann has had a lifelong interest in various aspects of fiber arts. She has worked as a weaver, a sewer, a knitter, and a maker of felt, books and baskets. Currently she is working on woven and felted rugs, upcycled wool sweaters and a series of prayer flags from old kimono pieces.”

“As a girl scout, Lizzio earned her only merit badge in sewing. At 24, weary of book learning, she ran away to join the circus. Fellow travelers introduced her to the colorful world of tie dye and bead work. She landed in Alaska where she once tie dyed a team of sled dogs.”

Sherry learned to sew at early age, following in the footsteps of mother, grandmothers, and great grandmothers. Her work has evolved from doll clothes and prom dresses to her current interests of fabric dyeing, painting and collage, costuming, masks, and sculptural fiber arts.”

Deb learned to sew in 8th grade but preferred needle work to machine sewing until she got involved with quilting in 1994 in Ketchikan. She quickly realized “This ain’t your gramma’s sewing machine!” Her art quilt work relies on hand dyed fabrics, discharge applications, sashiko, and fancy threads.”

It’s an amazing array of backgrounds, interests, and artforms, and we get to see it all together in one exhibit full of textures and rich color!

“While the four of us have very different backgrounds, aesthetics, and approaches to our fiber art, the common thread that runs through all our work is, of course, FIBER. Our show will include a wide variety of materials and techniques within the realm of fiber art. Pieces may be quilted, dyed, manipulated, woven, burnt, painted, sculpted: materials may include paper, yarn, commercial and hand constructed fabric, wood, metal, and any number of other non-fiber materials and embellishments; they may be hung on the walls and ceiling, be wearable or freestanding or even strewn underfoot.”

Please join us for the free opening reception of “Four Servings of Fiber” on Friday, June 3, from 5-7pm at the Main Street Gallery!


Congratulations Ray Troll!!!

Ketchikan’s Ray Troll receives
2011 Rasmuson Distinguished Artist Award

He may be best known for his fishy images on T-shirts, and popular books and publications on aquatic life, but Ketchikan Artist Ray Troll joined an elite group of Alaska artists today by receiving the 2011 Rasmuson Foundation Distinguished Artist Award. Troll is the eighth Alaskan artist to receive the award, which was announced at a morning ceremony in Anchorage. The Distinguished Artist Award recognizes artists with stature, and a history of creative excellence and accomplishments in the arts with $25,000 in unrestricted funds.

“Ray Troll has brought a unique blend of art and science to museums, books, magazines — and even clothing,” said Diane Kaplan, Rasmuson Foundation president and CEO. “This award recognizes Ray’s long history of creative excellence and accomplishment in the arts worldwide.”

Troll moved to Alaska in 1983 and he operates the Soho Coho Gallery in Ketchikan. His wildly imaginative work combines serious scientific study, a unique artistic aesthetic, and a love of cheeseburgers for a style that is unmistakably his own.

He is an Alaskan ambassador to the world. He has mounted four nationally touring exhibits, published six books, and has received dozens of commissions including those from the Smithsonian, Greenpeace, and Tokyo’s Museum of Science and Nature. Most recently, he and science writer Kirk Johnson were awarded a $50,000 joint fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to support a book project Cruisin’ the Eternal Coastline: The Best of the Fossil West from Baja to Barrow.

Troll has served as art director for the Miami Museum of Science, appeared on the Discovery Channel, lectured at Cornell, Harvard and Yale and has shown work at the Smithsonian. He is a 2006 recipient of the Alaska Governor’s Award for the Arts and won a gold medal for distinction in the natural history arts from the Academy of Natural Sciences in 2007.

The Foundation also awarded thirty $5,000 project grants (worth up to $5,000 each) and Artist Fellowships (worth up to $12,000 each). These artists were chosen from a total of 238 applicants, whose applications were judged by an esteemed national panel of artists and arts leaders.

At the same time that the Individual Artist Awards were announced, they were also announced from the virtual online community of Second Life in the Rasmuson Foundation Gallery of Alaskan Artists in Second Life. To celebrate its fifth year, a new wing of the Gallery was unveiled which includes art from some of the 2011 grantees including Ray Troll. The Gallery is open year-round and features exhibits of art and provides artist information showcasing previous Individual Artist Award grantees.

To read the full Rasmuson Foundation Grant announcement, click HERE!

Congratulations to the other Southeast Alaska Artists who were awarded Project and Fellowship Grants!!!


Voices of the Wilderness

Congratulations to MJ Cadle and Rachel Esbjornson!

The Ketchikan Forest Service is giving local artists a new and exciting opportunity this year- taking them into the Misty-Fiords Monument Wilderness to get inspiration and produce new works! Artists applied to be taken by a guide into this spectacular area, to experience the wilderness and use their creative energy to bring its voice back to the community.

Congratulations to MJ Cadle and Rachel Esbjornson for being awarded a wonderful opportunity to explore a beautiful and wild location in our area, and to share it with all of us through art! MJ and Rachel will be out camping, kayaking, and hiking for five to nine days this summer, then will produce new artwork, one piece will be donated to the Ketchikan-Misty Fiords Ranger District, and they will also each give a public presentation focusing on their experience in our public lands. We can’t wait to see what you produce!


Artist Registry CALL TO ARTISTS!!!

Artist Registry for Year of the Artist! Attention performing, literary, traditional, and visual artists living and working in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough. It is time to become a part of the… KETCHIKAN ARTIST REGISTRY, dedicated to showcasing Ketchikan artists, arts organizations, cultural facilities, events, and public art!
What is the Ketchikan Artist Registry?
The Ketchikan Artist Registry is an online data bank and interactive website. It is an opportunity for Ketchikan artists to connect with each other and the local community, showcase their work, and it also provides a portal for visitors, potential residents, and those who explore and travel via the internet to meet, view work, and contact Ketchikan artists.
Who should be on the Artist Registry?
Visual, literary, traditional, and performing Artists residing in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough actively working, producing, showing, and/or applying for opportunities in the arts should register. Go to http://register.ketchikanarts.org.


2011 Blueberry Arts Festival T-Shirts
MEMBERS- You Can Pre-Order!!!

Design by Cara Murray

Get this year’s T-shirt before they’re gone!
The 2011 original design was created by Cara Murray, and will be printed on navy blue t-shirts.
Unisex, ladies cut, and youth sizes are available in both short and long sleeve shirts!

Deadline for Arts Council Members to pre-order is June 30th.

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Member of the Month: Chris and Patricia Rose

What could be a better way to spend your weekend than entering titles, artists, mediums, locations, viewing times, and uploading images onto a website? Then repeating. Then repeating. Then Repeating. Repeating. Repeating…. ? Hundreds and hundreds of times? That’s what it takes to create a search-able online collection of Ketchikan’s public art. It’s not a glamorous job, but it is vital in making a really amazing and useful site that has images and descriptions of public art from north to south, including maps, coming very soon! Big huge thank yous to Chris and Patricia Rose for coming in, clicking, and typing for countless hours over several weeks. Thanks to these two, we’re getting very close to being able to put up the Ketchikan Public Art Collection for everyone to use and enjoy! Thank you both for lending your computer savvy and your patience to making this project happen!


New and Renewing Members

Thanks to these members who joined or renewed their Arts Council membership in May! These memberships help provide opportunities for all community members to experience the arts.

Amy LaSage
Bonnie Bartos
Brooke Ratzat
Carmen Holum
Christie Karow
Craig and Hilary Koch
Dan Bartos
Debbie Gravel and Peter Dwyer
Debbie Hilton
Deborah Ross
Della Dunkin
Denny Terry
Don and Brenda Loughman
Ed and Marian Glenz
Edermin Paule
Elaine and Steve Patton
Evon Zerbetz
Gina Caraglin
Harold and Susan Carson
Jack and Bev Davies
Jessica, Lance & Henry Clark
Jolene Winther
Kathleen and David Wiechelman
Ketchikan Charter School
Ketchikan Dry Goods
Ketchikan Medieval & Renaissance Society
Lance Bifoss
Louis and Jean Bartos
Maida Marksheffel
Maria Dudzak
Melinda Foultz
MJ Turek
Patricia and Chris Rose
Peter Jacob
Peter Rice
Sara Tamling
Simply Bella Boutique
South Tongass Volunteer Fire Dept.
Stewart Merle
Susan Walsh
Terry Gucker
Trevor and Mandy Stephens
William Greenwood


Wish List

2010-2011 was a busy season for the Arts Council! A little wear and tear on our equipment means we could use a little help to prepare for the upcoming season!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

– a new light for our projector (Viewsonic Projector Lamp PJ650, 150 watt to be specific)
– small, heavy duty Rubbermaid totes to haul sound cords
– padded folding chairs