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Art Lives Here

2011 Year of the Artist Invitational Gallery Exhibition
curated by Victoria Lord

Ketchikan is a city rich in art. We have some of the most talented, active, and innovative people living and creating here all the rainy year long. From weavers to writers, singers to sewers, painters to pickers, dancers to drummers, actors to carvers to strummers to silversmiths… we truly have it all! 2011 has been designated by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough as a year to celebrate the arts in Ketchikan, and we certainly do have a lot to recognize and appreciate!

There are several projects underway related to the Year of the Artist celebration, including the creation of a new Ketchikan Public Artwork website that will showcase the hundreds of installed works throughout the area, a website featuring Ketchikan artists of all kinds in a searchable online collection of images, music and video plus background information, and in the month of July, a gallery exhibit!

The “Art Lives Here” gallery exhibit features artwork by an impressive array of Ketchikan artists: Ray Troll, Diane Naab, Dave Rubin, Terry Pyles, Delores Churchill, Diane Douglas-Willard, Chip Porter, Mary Ida Henrikson, Kathy Rousso, Evon Zerbetz, Hall Anderson, Donald Varnell, and many many many many more! There will also be a chance to hear recordings by local musicians, including Dave Rubin, Rudy Saccomano, Stephanie Patton, Dale Curtis and the Ratfish Wranglers. And there are more amazing artists in Ketchikan than could fit in the gallery space! Victoria Lord, the project manager for Year of the Artist, had the tough job of inviting artists and rounding up artwork. With the help of the incomparable Mr. and Mrs. Naab, they have put together a fabulous show! The resulting exhibit is a sampling of the world-class arts created in Ketchikan, and a look at the many mediums our practicing artists use. The result is impressive. Art isn’t just for breakfast anymore, to get us through the winter, it is a vital part of our economy and a central part of Ketchikan’s unique identity. There is nowhere else like Ketchikan, it is one-of-a-kind, just like the amazing works Ketchikan creates!

Please join us for the free opening reception of “Art Lives Here” on Friday, July 1, 5-7pm at the Main Street Gallery.


Small Town, Big Talent!

The theme for this year’s Fourth of July Parade is “Small Town, Big Talent,” in honor of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough’s designation of 2011 as the Year of the Artist. That’s a pretty big deal! To do it right, there had to be a few creative liberties taken on the usual parade proceedings- this year, we have not one, not two, but three Grand Marshals! Marguerite Auger, the newly retired artistic director of Ketchikan Theatre Ballet, Elizabeth Nelson, artistic director of First City Players, and our own Kathleen Light, executive director of the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council will be leading the parade and representing different disciplines of art. We hope you all come out for a whole lot of fun, and to wave and cheer in the name of art!

AND if you are an artist, a dancer, a thespian, a musician, or a combination of these (as many of you are), you can wave and cheer IN the parade! Hop on the art bus, painted by Ray Troll and Memo Jauergui by 11:30 in the parade staging grounds south of Tatsuda’s. The bus is #5 in the parade! We want YOU there to represent the amazing diversity and incredible quantity of creative folks that make Ketchikan what it is. And it is also your chance to show appreciation for the recognition and validation being given by your representatives and your community. And it’s going to be a blast! Don’t miss the bus (har, har, har!)!!!

It is a wonderful and exciting honor to have the arts, and the organizations that work hard to nurture the arts, recognized so visibly at the front of the parade, and throughout the entire year of 2011. Ketchikan truly is an arts community! And now to ask what everyone is wondering: What will they be wearing? All three Marshals are keeping it a surprise. You’ll have to be at the parade to see!


Year of the Artist Logo and Tagline

Presenting the new logo and tag line for Year of the Artist!

Pretty spiffy, no?

Congratulations to Loren McCue for creating the winning design, and to Cara Murray for the tagline!

And a big thank you from Victoria Lord to everyone who submitted entries!

We have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of this image very soon!


Arts Raffle!

You like traveling! You like the Wearable Art Show! What are you waiting for???

You say you wanna get OUT OF HERE??? You can’t take another rainy weekend or you are going to throw yourself in front of a speeding tourist bus? Well, do we have the solution for YOU!!!! The Arts Council is pleased to announce our first ever Alaska Airline Ticket raffle!!! Yes folks, this is your big chance to ESCAPE – I mean to leave the island. We are raffling two (count them 2) round trip airline tickets anywhere Alaska Airline flies (you can only use Alaska Airlines – not their partner airlines). And the tickets are only $10 a piece. But THAT’S NOT ALL!!! Anita – tell them what they win for second prize… “Well, the second prize winner gets two (count them, 1, 2) Torch Nights Season passes. And those passes include two (1, 2) RESERVED WEARABLE tickets for the show of your choice!!!” And Ann – what do they win for third prize…? “How come I only get to say the third prize?” Well Ann, it’s because you say things like that. Anyway, third prize is still very cool. “Yeah, third ain’t too shabby! Third prize is 2… sigh. Okay, I’ll say it. Count ‘em, 2!!! … Wearable Art Show tickets to the show of your choice!” So – how can YOU get a raffle ticket?? That’s the easy part – any Arts Council Board Member can sell you a ticket – or you can come to the Arts Council and get one – OR you can wait until Blueberry Weekend and buy one then!! All the proceeds go to the Arts Council so even if you happen to not buy the winning ticket – you can absolutely know you are doing a good thing anyway!!!


Arts Council Board President

We have been extremely lucky to call Laurie Thomas the President of the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council since 2003. She originally joined the Board in 2003 because she was hoping to meet new people and thought it would be a fun thing to do. She immediately got involved in the Wearable Art Show – and (as they say) the rest is history! You might remember the Wonder Bread outfits? Under Laurie’s watchful eye the organization has moved through several stages of growth including the long process of finding a new home for the arts, pulling together the Senior Center, First City Players and the Ketchikan Theatre Ballet to be house housed under one roof, i.e. White Cliff. Then the regrouping and refocusing to overcome a full staff turn over, and THEN the purchase and renovation of a new building. Quite a reign for our Pres! I know when I was hired as the Director of the organization I found Laurie to be a calm, knowledgeable, and creative leader who was able to teach me about the organization but was also willing to let me have my own vision and direction. I will miss Laurie as my partner and my boss – but luckily we will still have her on the Board!! Thank you Laurie for your service to the Arts Council and for your commitment to the power of the arts and artists of Ketchikan!!!

So… you are probably wondering WHO is the new President of the Arts Council’s Board of Directors…? Well,.. I am very pleased and honored to announce the new President of the Board – Amanda Painter!!!!! Amanda has only been on the Board about a year, but from the first meeting she attended we all knew her leadership capabilities were going to be an asset for the organization. And we weren’t wrong! Amanda didn’t even blink an eye when it was suggested she be the evil genius leader behind Art, Encore! (the art auction we had to raise funds to pay off our construction loan). With the assistance of an excellent team she put together, Amanda pulled off the auction without hesitation, and with aplomb! She is the Operations Manager of Allen Marine and has been on the Board of the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau for a couple of years. But before all of that, Amanda fished with her husband on their own boat, and before THAT she was the captain of a tender transporting salmon from the seiners to the cannery. COOL! Anyway, we are all looking forward to working with Amanda and we all know that after her tenure we’ll be a tight ship!!!!


Welcome new Board Member Gretchen!!!

The Arts Council is very pleased to welcome Gretchen Klein as our newest Board Member. Gretchen brings with her a wealth of experience in fundraising, knowledge of Boards, and understanding of the not-for-profit realm, PLUS she is FUN!!!! You may know Gretchen from some of her many community focused activities such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the Hospital Foundation and Ketchikan Youth Court. We are so excited to have Gretchen’s energy and expertise on the Board and look forward to exploring her ideas!!! Thanks Gretchen for joining the Arts Council’s Board of Directors!!! Yippee!!!!


Congratulations Mike Jurczak!

A big Arts Council congratulations to Mike Jurczak whose piece, “Morning Walk” was selected to be included in the 18th Annual Maritime Art Exhibit at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, Oregon!!! We are proud of you Mike!!


Blueberry Arts Festival Deadlines

Gigglefeet Dance Festival. Calling all Dancers, Choreographers, Movers and Shakers! Register your dance piece for this year’s Gigglefeet Dance Festival, taking place on Friday, August 6th, and Sunday, August 8th. Dances of all genres, types, and styles are welcome! The Deadline for registration is Friday, July 15th at Ketchikan Theatre Ballet, registration forms are available by clicking here: 2011 Gigglefeet Dance Festival Registration. Get moving, Ketchikan!

Blueberry Battle of the Bands Call to Musicians. Musicians, Prepare for Battle. Calling all songwriters and musical groups to perform in The Battle of the Bands at the Arts Council’s Blueberry Arts Festival on Saturday, August 6th. Play outdoors before an audience of thousands, compete for cash prizes awarded for Best Performance and best original Blueberry song. The registration deadline for participants is Monday, July 25 at the Arts Council– don’t wait! Time slots are limited. Click here for the 2011 Battle of the Bands Registration Form

Blueberry Arts Festival Juried Art Show Call to Artists! Artists of all ages, working in any medium are invited to submit pieces for Blueberry Arts Festival Juried Art Show, opening on Friday, August 5th! DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: August 1 at the Main Street Gallery. Click here for the Blueberry Arts Festival Juried Art Show Entry Form! 1st Prize: $150 Cash and a $100 Gift Certificate to Tongass Business Center’s art supply center, 2nd Prize: $125 Cash and a $75 Gift Certificate to Starboard Frames and Gifts and 3rd Prize: $100 Cash and a $50 Gift Certificate to Tatsuda’s IGA. 1st Prize YOUTH: $75 cash and a $25 Gift Certificate to Rainforest Crafts. Works will be on display at the Main Street Gallery from August 5th through August 26th. Visit KetchikanArts.org or call 225-2211 for information.

Best Blueberry Dish! Is your art more along the edible kind? Test Ketchikan’s taste buds with an entry for the Best Blueberry Dish. Bring your yummy blueberry concoction to the Main Street Gallery at 330 Main by 3 pm on Friday, August 5th to share with gallery visitors and the panel of judges! Not only do you get culinary bragging rights, there are fabulous prizes for winning entries! For more information call the Arts Council at 225-2211.


Member of the Month: Linda Hall

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to a new member who has jumped in with both feet – Linda Hall! Linda moved to Ketchikan a few years ago to be closer to family and are we ever thankful she did! Linda started joining us at gallery receptions and other events and pretty soon was asking “What can I do to help?”. (Those are our favorite words by the way.) You’ll now see Linda one Saturday a month at the Main Street Gallery. We appreciate her willingness to help, her initiative and her bright attitude. But it goes beyond that. Never has Anita been so impressed with someone’s (outside of her own) ability to label and to organize. Perhaps never in the history of the Arts Council has there been such glorious order left behind by a volunteer. Thank you Linda!


Fun Fact!

Data from The College Board show that students who take four years of arts and music classes while in high school score 102 points better on their SATs than students who took only one-half year or less (scores of 1075 vs. 973, respectively).

Source: The College Board, 2010. 2010 College-Bound Seniors: Total Group Profile Report.


New and Renewing Members

Thank you to all these new and renewing members from June! Membership is critical to helping the Arts Council meet our mission of creating and promoting opportunities for all community members to experience the arts! Not a member? Join today at www.KetchikanArts.org or visit us at the Main Street Gallery!

Baha’i Community
Barbara and James Guenther
Bett Jakubek
Bill and Gwenda Stewart
Bonnie Douglas
Carl and Lisa Thompson
Carrie James
Chris Arrant Photography
Clover Pass Community Church
Dawn and David Rauwolf
Diane Anders
Elisabeth Shay
Erin and Falene Reeve
Farrell and Susan Brown
First City Players
Gail Porter
Halli Kenoyer
Jessica Taylor
Joanna DeSanto
Kathy Bolling and Wayne Phillips
Katy Posey
Kelley Polasky
Kelsey Kenyon
Ketchikan Coffee Company
Ketchikan Killer Whales Swim Club
Ketchikan Wellness Coalition
Kristy McGarrigan
Linnie Effenberger
Luis Fernandez de Cordoba
Lynora Eichner
Mary C. Smith
Melissa Hanis
Meri Souter
One Good Turn
Patricia Keeley
Paulette and Ray Shull
PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center
Rayana White
Sarah and Steve Corporon
Southeast Alaska Conservation Council
Steve Cannon
Steve Speights
Tasha Poirier
The Gathering
Wayne Weihing
Women in Safe Homes