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Arts Council Newsletter- January 2011

January 7th, 2011

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Ketchikan Arts

Arts Council Newsletter- January 2011

January 6th, 2011

* ART-i-cu-late, the 25th Annual Wearable Art Show *
* Wearable After Party * Heart on My Sleeve * Dance Duo *
* Jazz and Cabaret * Pick.Click.Give * Americans for the Arts Survey *
* Member of the Month: Gary Werner * Employee of the Month: Anita Maxwell *

* Thank You Jeannie and the Garden Club! * New and Renewing Members *

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The 25th Annual Wearable Art Show

February 3-5, 2011
Ted Ferry Civic Center

Ketchikan is the home of the original Wearable Art Show, started 25 years ago here on our rainy little island. A group of inspired, dedicated and slightly crazy individuals put a lot of effort into explaining the idea, putting the show together, and creating the first pieces. Leave it to the artistic folks of Ketchikan to come up with an idea that fun, that creative, that strange! The Wearable Art Show started off as a single performance featuring the work of nine artists, modeled at the Main Street Theatre (Right next door at in the Redman Hall – remember?). They got to go up and down the runway twice to make the show long enough! It has since grown over the years into four sold-out shows with 45 entries parading down the raised runway at the Ted Ferry Civic Center. We now have to keep the single trip up and down the runway to under 3 minutes. The phenomenon has spread across the state, and across the globe! Sitka, Juneau, Petersburg, Kodiak, Palmer, and now Anchorage have all started Wearable Art Shows, and the World of Wearable Art is held in New Zealand, but the First City was FIRST – YEAH!!!!

Every year the theme and title changes, with a new set design, different hosts, and a menagerie of new art! This year’s theme is ART-i-cu-late, and it’s up to the artists to come up with their own interpretations. Every year, the pieces grow bigger and more extravagant, and after 25 years there are still new materials to try. Wearable art pieces can be made from anything that can be adapted to adorn the human body, from duct tape to egg crates to recycled cans to metal to… there is no end to what people dream up to use! Unusual materials, creativity, time, and plenty of glue transform the figure into a living sculpture moving to music. It’s hard to describe and amazing to experience!

Don’t miss Ketchikan’s famous runway extravaganza showcasing the creativity in Ketchikan and beyond. Gala performances are at 8pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, February 3-5th, and the All Ages Matinee is at 3pm on Saturday, February 5th. Call us at 225-2211 to get tickets or go to KetchikanArts.org. TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR THURSDAY & FRIDAY NIGHTS AND THE SATURDAY MATINEE! Click Here!

* Be part of the performance! Applications for students are due on January 10th; adult entries are due January 17th. Make sure you read the application fully and use the checklist to make sure you’ve included your model release forms, music burned to a CD, illustrations, and entry form. WEARABLE ART SHOW CALL TO ARTISTS

* Not an artist? You can still help put on the show! We’re always looking for volunteers in the kitchen, backstage, assisting the bartenders, taking tickets, and more! Call us at 225-2211.

* Past Wearable Photos Please! We want to showcase 25 years of Wearable Art by putting together an online photo album! Send us your digital images of past shows and pieces with the title of the piece, the artist, the model, and the year of the show! Please scan in old hard copy photos to submit. Send your past creations to annf@ketchikanarts.org!


WAP! The Wearable After Party Returns!

Don’t miss the Battle of the Bras!

Vote for the best-dressed breasts! (wow!)

The fun continues late into the night after the final Saturday Gala performance! Dancing, food, DJ and… the Bizarre Bra Contest!
Saturday, February 5, 2011 * 10pm at Cape Fox

Tickets are $15 each, must be 21+ to attend.

Call 225-2211 for tickets or get them at the door!


Heart on My Sleeve

January 7-28, 2011

“Hotpoint” by Rich Stage 2009

The first Main Street Gallery show of 2011 is all about the heart! You’re gonna love this invitational exhibit curated by Halli Kenoyer exploring the trials and tribulations of love through the medium of the Valentine. She has called upon artists to create Valentines in any medium, and asked them to interpret the age-old tradition of giving surprise hearts in any way they choose. This show is a cultural celebration of how lucky we are to have love in our lives and is an opportunity to honor the heart- whether in repose, in recovery, or in rapture. Artists wear their hearts on their sleeves as they create visual expressions of our deepest emotions. And it’s a lot of fun!

Often when we think of Valentines, we think of pink and red construction paper, lace and doilies, and the anticipation and sometimes frustration that came with elementary school exchanges of treats. But the idea of the Valentine, and the January show “Heart on My Sleeve” goes far beyond stereotypical hearts, and sometimes it’s something other than sweet. Rich Stage, who teamed up with Halli to create “Sweet and Sour Hearts” two years ago at the Mainstay Gallery, introduces another concept of the Valentine that can be drawn upon for inspiration: the Penny Dreadful. This Victorian valentine style refers to comic designs of the 1870’s by the American cartoonist Charles Howard. The title of “Penny Dreadful” is appropriate since they sold for a penny and the designs really were quite dreadful in nature. Both vinegar valentines and penny dreadfuls came under close social, religious and postal service scrutiny. The Post Office rejected some 25,000 cards on the grounds that they were not fit to be carried through the United States Mail. It’s amazing how many different takes there are on Valentines in this show!

Expect to see the wonderful (and the dreadful?) sides of love, the bizarre and the inspired, the strange and the sweet in “Heart on My Sleeve.” Join us for the free opening reception on Friday, January 7th, from 5-7pm at the Main Street Gallery.


Dance Duo

Did you know that you have not one, but TWO chances to hit the dance floor every month at the Main Street Gallery?

Square dance to live music or learn and practice new partner dances- OR DO BOTH!

BOOMbal Dance Hall is on Saturday, January 8, starting at 7pm. Come out to learn and practice partner dances. Music starts at 7pm, get in a mini lesson at 7:15pm, then enjoy mixed music for partner dancing: swing, waltz, salsa, two step, cha cha! See you at the Main Street Gallery! $5 at the door.

Square Dancing is on Friday, January 14 starting at 7pm. Old Timey Country Dancin’ with callin’ by Halli K and live wire music by the Free Radicals. It’s the most fun you can have standin’ up! Kick up those heels at the Main Street Gallery every month! $5 at the door.


Jazz and Cabaret Festival

New York meets Next Door for great music! First City Players brings jazz professionals form the Big Apple to coach and accompany Ketchikan’s singers and instrumentalists. This year, welcome two new musicians bringing new energy, enthusiasm and style! Brian Kinsella is a Seattle-based pianist, composer, and educator, working with this year’s vocalists. Brian has been performing since the age of 13. A graduate of the award-winning Roosevelt High School jazz program and of the University of Washington’s Philosophy and Jazz Studies programs, Brian is a versatile and experienced musician. Jazz Saxophonist Anton Schwartz is also new to the FCP jazz program this year. Anton has been drawing rave reviews everywhere he has played. He is also an accomplished educator. FCP is thrilled to have him join the team of musicians this year. Check Anton out and listen to his sound at www.antonjazz.com.

Anne Phillips and Paul Meyers also return! Welcome back the incredible Anne Phillips, singer, composer, arranger, conductor, producer who began her career as a member of the Ray Charles Singers on the Perry Como Show. Since then, her career has covered almost every area of the music business. In addition to recording an album of her own, she worked as a singer and choral arranger/conductor with many of the music world’s leading artists from Carol King and Mahalia Jackson to Sammy Davis Junior. Welcome back Paul Meyers who has performed and recorded with an ever growing list of jazz greats such as Geri Allen, Kenny Barron, Ron Carter, Ray Drummond, Eliane Elias, Clare Fischer, Sonny Fortune, Eddie Gomez, Annie Ross, Marc Johnson, Wynton Marsalis, George Mraz, Rufus Reid, David Sanchez and Kenny Werner. He’s also toured for years with two of the greatest jazz singers ever- Jon Hendricks since 1993 and Andy Bey from 1997 to 2008. All four are incredible musicians and teachers, here to bring out the best in Ketchikan’s singers and instrumentalists.

Plus there’s all the local talent too! Each cabaret vocalist is dedicated to that one perfect song interpretation. Every instrumentalist brings individual talent to a hot jazz ensemble. Their performances in the spotlight culminate two-week workshops. The Jazz and Cabaret Festival has a total of four performances. The Dixieland Brunch kicks off a week of great music and performance on Sunday, January 16. The following weekend, the Jazz Cabaret is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday January 21, 22, and 23.

Call First City Players at 225-4792, visit FirstCityPlayers.org, or stop by their office at the Plaza Mall for tickets and info!



For those of you who have given over the past couple of years to the Arts Council using the Pick.Click.Give. program – we want to thank you wholeheartedly!!! Unfortunately in 2011 the Arts Council will not be able to participate in the program due to an unqualified audit requirement of the program for organizations in our budget range (the cut off for an audit requirement is $250,000 and our budget runs about $305,000). We are sad to lose this opportunity for donations as each year the total given to the Arts Council has doubled.

Nationwide, non-profits are not required to acquire full audits until their budget is $500,000 or more. The Arts Council has made the decision that the cost of a full audit – between $10,000 and $12,000 – is not fiscally viable for us to be allowed to participate in this program. BUT if you still would like to give a portion of your Perm Fund to the Arts Council we will gladly accept it!! We just have to do it the old fashioned way – you get your perm fund, you deposit it – you write the Arts Council a tax-deductible donation check. In the meantime, there are many organizations which are under the budget cut off, or have opted to acquire a full audit, or are part of a bigger, parent organization which is required by the Feds to have an audit – please check out the list for these most worthy organizations as you register for your Perm Fund!

And we will be talking with our local leaders and legislators to help change this law to allow the Pick.Click.Give. program to benefit even more organizations! Your help with this effort is welcome!


Americans for the Arts Survey

The Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council joins Americans for the Arts’ National Study of the Economic Impact of Spending by Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences

KAAHC has joined Arts & Economic Prosperity IV™. The research study, which is being conducted by Americans for the Arts, America’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts, will evaluate the impact spending by nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences have on their local economies. As one of 200 study partners across all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, KAAHC will facilitate the gathering of detailed economic and event attendance data from nonprofit arts and culture organizations located throughout the greater Ketchikan area. In addition, the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council will collaborate with the community’s other arts organizations to collect surveys from at least 500 arts and culture attendees in the greater Ketchikan area during 2011. Arts & Economic Prosperity IV will allow us to evaluate the impact of the recession on the employment and government revenues that are generated by the nonprofit arts industry. We expect that the findings will demonstrate that the arts remain a vital industry even during our country’s recent economic challenges.

Customized findings for Ketchikan will demonstrate the impact of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences on our local economy. Specifically, the study’s results will include:

  • The total dollars spent by Ketchikan’s nonprofit arts and culture organizations.
  • The total dollars spent by audiences as a direct result of their attendance at arts and culture events in Ketchikan.
  • The number of full-time equivalent jobs supported by arts spending.
  • The amount of resident, household income—including salaries and wages—generated by arts spending.
  • The amount of local and state government tax revenues generated by arts spending.

According to Americans for the Arts most recent national study, the national nonprofit arts industry generated 5.7 million jobs and $166.2 billion in total economic activity during 2005, resulting in $29.6 billion in federal, state and local government revenues. The $166.2 billion total included $63.1 billion in spending by arts organizations and $103.1 billion in event-related spending by their audiences on items such as meals, local transportation and overnight lodging. Complete details about the 2005 study are available at www.AmericansForTheArts.org/EconomicImpact.

“Our Arts & Economic Prosperity studies demonstrate that the arts are a formidable industry that stimulates the economy in cities and towns across the country,” said Robert L. Lynch, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “A vibrant arts and culture industry helps local businesses thrive. Still, much has changed since our last study as a result of the economic downturn. Arts & Economic Prosperity IV will allow us to evaluate the impact the recession has had on employment and government revenues that are generated by the nonprofit arts industry.”

Americans for the Arts’ Arts & Economic Prosperity IV study is supported by The Ruth Lilly Fund of Americans for the Arts. In addition, Americans for the Arts’ local and statewide project partners are contributing both time and financial support to the study.


Member of the Month: Gary Werner

This month we honor a great woodworker and artist who has been making treasures for every gallery show he can- including December’s “Art Ornaments and Cards Show.” He made incredible bird feeder ornaments in wood that also had sea urchin shells- way cool! He comes by to chat, to show us his latest creation, and to stir up a certain wooden game rivalry with the ladies at the downtown dental office. He’s gotten us a new and taller ladder so we can get to the gallery lights in the new higher space, he helps out with wonderful artwork contributions, and he is a really nice guy. Gary, you’re awesome!!!


Employee of the Month: Anita Maxwell

One Month!

Two Years.

Please join us in congratulating Anita Maxwell on the completion of two full years of employment at the Arts Council as of January 5, 2011. Her expertise, enthusiasm, and composure in the face of almost ANY art emergency have been inspirational to us both. Additionally, she shares an office, every day, with Ann who makes noise virtually ceaselessly, and is able to ignore a surprising amount of both snack and paper debris in her area, which in the past has lead to years of therapy for her coworkers. More facts about Anita: she can eat an incredible amount for a lady her size in record time, she likes blue and turquoise, comfy slippers, neatly written labels on all items, and her socks match her shirt – every day. She is by far the most structured and mature (i.e. adult) of the Arts Council crew, able to keep track of where everything got put (in other words, where SHE put it), who called when, and what day of the week it is…but only as long as she’s been fed recently. We would be pretty much unable to function without her, and it definitely wouldn’t be as much fun. But in all seriousness – the Arts Council would not be the place it is and the staff would not be as happy as we are without her. We love you, Anita!!! Here’s to the next year!!!!!


New and Renewing Members

Thank you to these new and renewing members for helping sustain the Arts Council!

Best Western Landing
TLP Communications
Allen Marine Tours
Ketchikan Community Chorus
First Bank

Newtown Liquor
Madison Lumber & Hardware
Chinook and Company
Pool Engineering, Inc.
Ketchikan Volunteer Fire Department
Stone Soup Designs
Ravens View Vacation Rental
Gail and Jim Alguire

William Anthes, MD and Vickie Malurkar
Charlie and Judy Arteaga
Jeff and Leslie Baken
The Barber Family
Clare and Steve Bennett
Lance Bifoss
Janet Brand
Jackie Bredehoft
Paul and Susan Bruening

Pat and Jessi Chapman
Norbert and Diana Chaudhary
Denise Clothier
Bev Crum
Yolanda Dell
Susan and John Dickinson
Susan and Phillip Doherty
Lisa LeMay Doyon
Ani Drozdowska

Robert Durland
Jim and Karen Eakes
Lauren Elerding
Cheryl Elliott
Bekka Esbjornson and Tom Field
Victor and Mylene Forrester
Grace Freeman
Sharon and Jerry Froeschle
Traci Garner

Jane T. Griffo
Diane Guzman
Norma Halvorsen
Donna Halvorsen and Henry Rambosek
Chris and Lupe Hanson
John Hanson
Deborah Head
Mike Heiser
Kimberly Henderson

Debbie Hilton
George Houck
Teri Hoyt
Jack Hudson
Sharron Huffman
Elinore Jacobsen
Alan Jacobson
Art and Marie Johnson
Erika Johnson

Kim Judge
Robin Kinney
Barbara and Wayne Kinunen
Robert Kuikhoven and Jodi Anderson
Deb Laws
Veronica Lekanof
Diane Liljegren and Jim Mitchell
Tom Livingston
Dragon London

Dirk Lummerzheim and Jill Mandt
Elizabeth Martin
Barbara Massenburg
Jaylyn Merrill
Devra Milam
Linda Millard and Sam Bergeron
Judy Moffit
Bridget Norton
Maura and Joe Odell

Susan Oshida and Dan Branch
Amanda and Larry Painter
Lana and Earle Palmer
Kathy Peavey
John and Tina Peckham
Penny Pedersen and Andy Pankow
Barbara Pick
Arne and Molly Pihl
Rhonda Rogers

Rosanne Roppel and Doug Ward
Bill Rotecki and LoAnn Swanson
Judy and Larry Roush
Glyn and Liesbeth Seaberg
Rick Seal
George and Anna Shaffer
John and Beth Shea
Chuck Slagle
Judith Stearns

Don and Donna Stein
Julie Steiner
Karla Sunderland
Jim Taro
William and Xiao Nan Tatsuda
Raffy Tavidagian and Elizabeth Johannsen
Becki Trachsel-Hesedahl
Dawn Uttke
Jim Van Altvorst

Melanie Villa
Sandy Wade
Bob Weinstein and Marta Poore
Carolyn Wilsie
Jeimi Woffindun and Christy Bullard
Beverly Zaugg
Trudy Zellmer
Michele Zerbetz Scott and Randy Scott

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