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Ketchikan Arts

Arts Council Newsletter- April 2011

March 31st, 2011

* Nature to Nurture * Honky Tonk Habit *Art, Encore! *
* Celebration of the Sea * Blueberry Logo Design Call to Artists *
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Nature to Nurture

April 1-29, Main Street Gallery

A duo exhibit curated by Andrea Murphy and Rachel Esbjornsen that explores the nature verses nurture dichotomy and the spaces in between.

Both Andrea and Rachel are newcomers to Ketchikan, by Alaskan standards anyway. I’m not sure when you loose your cheechako status, but I’ve been told it’s something like 10 years, some say 20. But they have been here long enough to grow some roots in Southeast, to have gotten to know the people, the place, the environment, and to become connected- enough to change as a result of Ketchikan, and to make an impact on it. This show of brand new artwork created by women of varied style and mediums, is an “exploration of nature and nurture from a localized standpoint.” Andrea and Rachel also say: “As individuals who have only lived here for a year or two, this show is a celebration of what we value most about this region of the world. It is fair to say that the nature and nurture found in Ketchikan is what has kept us here and brought us to a point where we proudly call this place home.”

Andrea and Rachel have turned to a fascinating topic of debate as inspiration for visual expression. Not only do they wish to explore the nature versus nurture debate, but they are delving into the spaces in between. Some of the many questions they ask are: “How does nature nurture us? How do we nurture nature? How does both our nature and nurture inform who we as people become? How does nature nurture itself? What meaning does the nature of this region hold for us? How does Ketchikan nurture us and others? How do nature and nurture support one another?”

Both women take different approaches to expression, and utilize different mediums, aesthetics and styles. Rachel paints in bold colors, often creating works that are both abstract and full of bright flat shapes and patterns, but also representational with the illusion of depth. They fluctuate between two and three dimensions in a vivid palette, with unusual compositions and viewpoints. For this show, she has pushed herself to try painting larger than she ever has.

Andrea experiments. It’s safe to say that she allows herself to react to what her environment provides, the nature of the newly found material, and her own ideas and drives. Her art, and the process of making it, explores nature and nurture in a blatant way. She paints, layers, she reacts and adapts- she interacts with what she creates. The result is often color combinations that are unexpected and funky, and effects you may not have ever seen before. Andrea is able to create engaging abstract works, but completely adept at realism. The result is often an interesting combination. It makes perfect sense that Rachel and Andrea have pursued ideas of nature to nurture through art- and we get to see the result!

Join us for the opening reception of Nature to Nurture on Friday, April 1, from 5-7pm at the Main Street Gallery. Refreshments provided, free and open to the public!


Honky Tonk Habit

Alaska’s Dirt Road Country Legends
April 29, 2011
7:30pm, Ted Ferry Civic Center

The final show of the 2010-2011 Torch Nights Season had to be a Hootenanny! We’re bringing in an Alaskan band that has some serious country style- they’ll have you brushin’ off your boots and bustin’ out yer tassles! Let’s welcome in spring before the start of the summer rush with one big hoe-down! Kris and Lindy Jones (hailing from a barn loft outside of Haines), Maridon Boario and Bob Banghart (roaming the range in Juneau) will have you kickin’ up your heels to some of the best old time country tunes this far north of Texas! They might even persuade those toes to start two steppin’!

Honky Tonk Habit has been a featured act at festivals all across the North, including the Fairbanks Summer Festival, Southeast Alaska State Fair, Anchorage Folk Festival, Cantwell Music Festival, Alaska Folk Festival, and Kluane Bluegrass Festival. Seems they’re pretty habit-forming, I’d say!

The sound may come from the South, but the vivid images of the places that have touched their hearts come from all over- the dirt roads of Montana, broke down towns of West Texas, and the wilds of Alaska. You’ll hear the influences of classic country icons like Merle Haggard, and Kris Jones has been compared to the likes of Guy Clark and Robert Earl Keen. His songs and vocal style, however, are all his own- you’ll feel every bump on the gravel road as you listen to his songs. While Kris Eli Jones belts out the vocals and backs with guitar, Lindy Jones harmonizes and thumps along on bass and even lays down some drumbeats, Maridon do-se-dos with Lindy singing along, playing bass and drumming, and Bob Banghart… bangs? Naw, he fiddles!

See y’all at the Honky Tonk Habit barn dance with a moonshine shack, country-style snacks served up by Cape Fox, dancing and so much fun you’ll be yellin’ Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HAW!

Buy Tickets HERE!


Art, Encore!

First off, a big huge thank you to the Arts Council Board for all the hard work that went into making “Art, Encore” happen. It was an elegant evening of art, entertainment, delightful refreshments, champagne, bagpipes and even fire! All who attended had a wonderful time, including the Arts Council Staff!

Thank you also to the many people who donated artwork of all kinds, to the volunteers who came to help with set-up, hosting, art hauling, and everything else that goes into putting on magnificent events! AND thank you to everyone who came out to support the Arts Council!

Not only was it a magical evening, it also brought us a great deal closer to paying off the building entirely. We started the evening with $10,000 left to go, and ended it with less than $3,200 remaining! We are very close to having the space completely paid for, a huge step forward for the sustainability of our organization. We are exceedingly grateful to our community for making a permanent home for the arts possible!


Celebration of the Sea Art Walk

Local business and galleries participate in the 11th annual Celebration of the Sea Art Walk, May 6th! Let us know the details by April 15!

Click here to enter your event! Celebration of the Sea art walk form, 2011


Blueberry Art Festival T-Shirt and Logo Design Call to Artists!

$500 and fame and glory for the winning design!

Click here for the BBAF 2011 T-Shirt Call


Members of the Month

Have you walked by the Main Street Gallery recently and heard music and laughter pouring out the windows? Thanks to two lovely ladies, Ketchikan’s been doing a whole lot more dancing- and they’re loving it! Halli Kenoyer, caller extraordinaire, has been organizing a square dance every month. She’s helping keep the tradition of old time square dancing flourishing and keeping it fun with the help of the Free Radicals- who knew square dancing could be so hip??? Newcomers and long-time dancers alike are kicking up their heels thanks also to the efforts (and graceful moves) of Evon Zerbetz and the Boombal Dance Hall! Whether you like to two step, waltz or salsa, Evon has a dance step for you! Every BOOMbal focuses on a different dance, you get a chance to learn in a mini lesson, and then get to have fun dancing into the night! Thank you to both of these incredibly talented artists for all they do to keep us dancing!


Employee of the Month: Kathleen Light

Okay, boss lady, it’s about time you got some recognition for all you do. First off, you put up with me and Anita. We can both be kind-of snotty, I’m noisy, and Anita is outright frightening when she hasn’t been fed in the last hour and a half. Despite our personality… quirks, you still manage to keep us headed in the right direction, providing cheese, or a joke, or a crazy sound effect when it is needed most. We like you! Even more than we like bacon!

We’re also impressed with your relationship to the community, your go get ‘em attitude, your unflagging advocacy for the organization that we all give our blood sweat and tears for, your amazing dedication to all you do. You are one strong leader, a great friend, and you don’t get thanked enough. Not even by your dog.

And since you won’t be able to edit this, we’ll include some fun facts about you that are part of your sparkle: Kathleen won’t eat raisins or red foods (there are some exceptions, the rules of this are more complicated than I can track). Kathleen’s laugh can be heard from five miles away. Kathleen had a pony when she was a kid. Kathleen makes awesome bread in a coffee can. (See, that wasn’t as bad as it could have been!)


New and Renewing Members

Thanks to these members who joined or renewed their Arts Council membership this month! These memberships help provide opportunities for all community members to experience the arts.

Dale and Sheila Miller
Gail and Dave Person
Jenny Phillips/Magnolia Creek

Mayor Dave Kiffer and Charlotte Glover
Mitch and Claudia Seaver
Peaches Wallin
Pearson Family
Richard Van Cleave and Deb Jepsen
Sam Pitcher Memorial Fund
Sweetman Family
Tara Anthes and Christian Hamlat
Tomi Marsh – F/V Savage


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