The Year of the Artist was a project of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough in 2011. In celebration, throughout 2011 events were focused around the art and artists of Ketchikan. In addition the Borough granted funds to the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau and to the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council to create a catalog of the many, many artists that live in Ketchikan and all the art organizations that support them.

The Arts Council created a dynamic website that allows the artists of Ketchikan to upload images of their work to the website as well as a short biography and information as to how to contact them for info of where to find the artist’s work or their own personal website. The site is designed as a landing page for artists with their own sites, and if they don’t have a site, it is a way for artists to get their name and work online.

In addition, arts organizations are able to upload their information including location, hours of operations, and contact information.

Lastly, much of Ketchikan’s public art is cataloged on the site. There is an image of the public artwork, the location, artist and year of creation. All of this information was gathered by the Ketchikan Public Art Works committee – a committee of the Arts Council. They went from one end of the island to the other to document this community’s extensive public art collection. Since that time we have been inputting the artwork and information.

The next step for the site is to be included on community-wide digital marketing plans so the arts and artists of Ketchikan can be seen by everyone!

Please take a moment and visit it yourself…