The Arts Council is hiring an Education Director

Do you believe the arts have the power to positively transform lives?
Do you believe its never too late to learn and grow?

The Arts Council believes in the arts and its power to educate, enlighten and positively transform lives. In fact, we have re-tooled our organization to be able to devote a full time staff position responsible for developing life long learning programming in the arts for our community. And now we need a person to do just that!!!

If you want to work in a fast paced, fun and meaningful environment, bringing the arts to your community through life ling learning opportunities, the Arts Council is the place!!!

Please find the job description for the Education Director here.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact Kathleen Light at 907-225-2211 or kathleenl@ketchikanarts.org



Kathleen Light, Executive Director (Full-time since August 20, 2007) BM University of New Mexico, MM University of Southern California, Doctoral Work at the University of Maryland, all in Oboe Performance. I packed what would fit in a U-Haul and drove from Michigan through Canada to Ketchikan in August of 2007. To describe myself… I love playing the oboe, the love of the oboe has shaped most of life, such as playing in small ensembles (wind quintets, reed trios, chamber orchestras), until I got to Ketchikan. In addition to the oboe, I love dogs. My current four legged friend is a somewhat psycho, highly energetic (and bossy) border collie mix named Calamity. She is currently employed at the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council as Greeter (and art critic) – see bio below. I have been employed by non-profits most of my career, but this is my first position as the Director of an Arts Council. It has been my honor to become part of the Ketchikan community and to help facilitate the direction of this extraordinary organization. I believe the arts of Ketchikan are an integral part of who we are and how we see the world as a community.

Marni Rickelmann, Program Director, (Full-time since July 2, 2012)  Marni immersed herself in art when she was given an old picnic basket full of crayons, coloring books and paper as a kid, and she has worked and volunteered with multiple arts organizations ever since, coordinating and marketing events in both performance and fine art. She attended Northern Michigan University for a degree in Fine Art,  is a lover of sculpture and community art, a wannabe musician (her dog howls when she tunes her banjo), an animal rescuer extraordinaire, and strongly believes in cultivating meaningful relationships with colleagues and the community while inspiring creativity. After moving to Ketchikan from Michigan in July 2012, Marni is now the proud owner of rainboots and is still really, really happy to be living in Ketchikan, Alaska!

Shelley Baumeister, Operations Manager, (Full-time since October 1, 2013) High school and college studies allowed her to learn many mediums including photography, drawing/painting, ceramics, and sculpture. For her 3D A-P portfolio, her concentration was wearable art. Her portfolio included a full-sized ball gown made of visqueen plastic and staples. Who knew she’d move to the town that holds the BEST Wearable Art Show in the world?! She moved to Ketchikan in April 2013, fell in love with Alaska and decided to stay. Shelley co-hosts TGIA on KRBD, is a “freshie” on the Rainforest Roller Girls roller derby team and is always looking for more community involvement!


Calamity Jane, Art Dog and Greeter (Full-time since May 2010).  Since being adopted by Kathleen, Calamity spends her time greeting her adoring fans, training humans to bring her treats, and howling at the fire trucks.

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