KAAHC Advisory Committees

KAAHC Advisory Committees are volunteer arts organizations that have established a formal working relationship with the Arts Council, and operate under the non-profit and liability umbrella of the Arts Council. The goal is to pool our resources and expertise so that it’s as easy as possible for arts groups to present events, programs and give scholarships that enrich the arts community, without having to duplicate the administrative efforts. This is an important way that the Arts Council can foster the arts in Ketchikan in the coming years.

KAAHC Member Organizations

KAAHC offers administrative services, technical assistance, grant writing, office equipment, a ticket outlet, a communication center, and publishes a monthly newsletter to promote the activities of artists and arts organizations in the area. These organizations offer a variety of year-round participatory programs and entertainment. It is through these groups that everyone in the Ketchikan area has an opportunity to enjoy the arts as an audience member, participant, or professional artist.