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The Board of Directors of the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council meets monthly on the Third Wednesday of the month. The meetings are typically held at the Main Street Gallery and begin at 5:30pm. Please call to verify the date and time if you would like to attend a Board meeting.
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Membership on the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council Board of Directors is educational, enlightening, and hard work. It is also often a lot of fun! After all, we run the business end of a group that encourages people of all ages to enjoy the arts as either a participant or an audience member. Board members come from varying walks of life, and reflect broad community interests. This diversity helps manage the ‘business’ of art in a manner that benefits all segments of the Greater Ketchikan Area. The variety of visual, literary, and performing arts that KAAHC provides strengthens the community and adds to the quality of life in Southeast Alaska. A strong Board ensures these programs thrive.

The 2016 KAAHC Annual Meeting was held Wednesday, April 20th at 5:30pm in the Main Street Gallery – 330 Main Street. (Please find a copy of KAAHC Annual Reports in the “Annual Reports”  folder.)

The KAAHC Board does not meet in July, August or December.


Victoria Lord, President (joined 2013, elected 2015) – Victoria Lord discovered her love of the arts early in life while attending Saturday morning classes at the Pasadena Art Museum (now the Norton Simon Museum) – a creative place of free expression, dance, painting and theatrics.  That early experience with the arts has influenced her throughout her life and helped to define her career choices and lifelong learning experiences.

Victoria brings to the KAAHC board a great deal of knowledge of nonprofit management, philanthropy and program development.  Her work experience includes arts and culture program staff with Rasmuson Foundation (2004-2010), Ketchikan Museums senior curator of programs (1997 – 2004), and executive director of the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council (1986 – 1997).  She currently works with various fine art galleries in Ketchikan and is enjoying being surrounded by art and artists everyday.

Victoria is an active member of the Ketchikan community and is currently a volunteer and on-air host of BabbleFish on public radio station KRBD-FM as well as a participant in many nonprofit advisory committees and fundraising activities.

Rain or shine, you may find Victoria wandering the beach in front of her home with her dog Olive, especially at low tide.

Sonya Skan, Vice President (joined 2016! elected 2016!!) Bio is on its way!!!

Anna Shaffer, Past President (joined 2012)  I have lived in Ketchikan for 18 years now and have been involved in supporting the broader arts community almost since the day I arrived.  I grew up trying all sorts of different crafts and always loved the play of color and texture in whatever craft work I was doing.  That grew to a broader appreciation of fine art and performing art – appreciating and supporting the creations of others.  My business, Starboard Frames and Gifts, has transitioned to a gallery featuring local artists, and our custom picture framing service specialized in framing design that puts the focus on the art and brings out the best in what the artist created.  On a personal level, I have focused on bead work as my art of choice and have recently started taking cedar bark weaving classes through the Totem Heritage Center.  I have been on several Boards of non-profit organizations in the community in the past (including the Arts Council) and I am looking forward to joining the Arts Council’s Board again as a concrete way to give back to an organization that gives so much to the community!

Nancy Tietje, Treasurer (joined 2012, elected 2016)  Participation in the arts is an everyday experience for me and I believe it is for most of our residents …they just don’t realize it yet. Living in Ketchikan has afforded me the chance to expand my art skills and pass them on to many. By day, I am an insurance agent at Davies-Barry Insurance. The rest of the time, I enjoy volunteering among a lot of other things.  My art is found in beading. I love those little pieces of glass that have glorious colors, have a wonderful tactile sensation, and can be constructed into little creations.

As a pretty well seasoned non-profit board member, I try to give back to my community in areas where I can help make life a little better for someone else.  KAAHC is a perfect fit for me. My stance on the arts is that this community is rich with a wide variety of excellent art venues. Look around and you see, hear and feel it everywhere.  As a community we should be proud and do what we can to promote everything that the arts can do for us.  Sharing and incorporating art experiences in economic development and daily lives should be a top priority of us all.

Peter Jacob, Secretary (joined 2016! elected 2016!!) – My name is Peter Jacob. I moved with my family from the small town of Inyokern, California to Ketchikan, Alaska in 1996 and I have lived here for most of the time since then. At first I missed the desert but now I love the rain. I graduated from Ketchikan High School in 2008 and attended Ketchikan’s “Harvard on the Hill” (University of Alaska Southeast – Ketchikan Campus) where I received my Associate of Arts degree in 2012. I have been an artist since as long as I could lift my first finger.  Although I enjoy drawing, painting, photography, sculpting and whatever other artistic medium I can get my hands on, my true passion is music. I started playing guitar in 2003 and began composing songs shortly thereafter. Over the years I have greatly enjoyed performing some of my original music at local events such as the Monthly Grind, and the Blueberry Arts Festival. I love to experiment with different sounds and strive to keep my music unique. My passion for the arts can only be matched by my passion for the natural world and biological systems. Growing up and living in Ketchikan has been a wonderful place to explore these two areas of interest. Worth noting is that I am an avid collector and grower of carnivorous plants, especially tropical pitcher plants from the genus Nepenthes. In order to fund these hobbies of mine I have been a dedicated employee of Ketchikan’s booming tourism industry, working many different types of jobs over the years, but if you are a local automobile driver then you may recognize me from my five years spent working as a crossing guard in downtown Ketchikan.


Spring Moon Barry (joined 2014) – Spring Moon Barry is a wife, mother, digital illustration artist, full-time graphic designer, and a Ketchikan local. In 2009-2010 Spring was Co-Founder and President of the Charter Chapter of the National Art Honor Society, which was the only chapter in existence in Alaska State at that time. Upon graduating highschool, she was awarded a tuition scholarship which guaranteed her place to attend any Art Institute in the U.S. Spring accepted enrollment at The Art Institute of Seattle, majoring in Graphic & Web Design with an emphasis on small business branding and identity systems. She is expecting to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts in December of 2014. Spring is a new board member for the Ketchikan Area Arts & Humanities Council and is newly appointed liaison for the National Arts Honor Society for the Education Committee. She loves playing an active role in her community and appreciates and admires the warmth and compassion Ketchikan has for arts and education.

Susan Doherty (joined 2013) – Susan Doherty moved to Ketchikan in 1980 and has been a fisheries biologist for the Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) since that time. BUT she is too young to have had a 30+ year professional career!  Susan became involved with the arts in a big way when her kids entered elementary school.  She spent years working with the Artists in Residency Program and running the District 6 Reflection program that judged, displayed and honored artistic creations of students from around SE Alaska. During that time, Susan was honored to be selected “Volunteer of the Year” by the Arts Council for leading the charge to promote and champion the expansion of art instruction and integration into the elementary school curriculum and art education training for teachers.

Susan says, “With my daughter now at college pursuing an Arts Education degree, and seeing many of the educators we worked with retiring, I thought it was time to get involved again with building a program through the Arts Council that will ensure that all students have an opportunity to develop their artistic nature, and that teachers have the tools to help them.”

A. Fred Miller (joined 2014) –  I was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from the University of Wyoming and three years later, a law degree. I practiced law in Wheatland, Wyoming and Cheyenne before coming to Ketchikan in 1966. Since residing in Ketchikan, I helped form the mental health and substance abuse centers and served on the Governor’s Alcoholism Board. I am a past president of the Chamber of Commerce and the Lion’s Club and I continue to be a member of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army. I am a former member of the Pioneer Home Foundation which I helped to organize.

Interest in the arts has always been a significant and pleasurable part of my life. I have participated in vocal and theatrical productions wherever I have resided, and enjoyed most other aspects of art as a fan and supporter. I look forward to a new and broader involvement with the arts as a member of the Arts Council Board of Directors.

Anne Margaret Shuham (joined 2013) I was born and raised in Ketchikan, leaving the community several times before returning in the early 1990’s. I have a B.A in Social Welfare from Seattle University 1984, a M.A. in Bioethics & Health Policy from Loyola University Chicago 2006 and a Doctorate in Bioethics 2014. While I typically do not describe myself as an artist, I am a working metal-smith, weaver and spinner. I love spending time with metal hammers and torches, transforming sterling, copper and gold from wire and sheet into worn objects of adornment.

My interest in serving on the Board of Directors of the Arts Council resides in helping promote and encourage all forms of artistic expression, recognizing this community has many artists from all mediums not yet discovered. I also feel strongly that as a community we capitalize on our best assets, our youth!

Marty West (joined 2015) – I moved to Alaska in the late 70’s after college in Memphis to work at KTKN-AM. I thought I’d be here a few years but Ketchikan has a way of seeping into your life and time passes. I have worked at KRBD-FM off and on for over 20 years and in almost every capacity; the last time in the late 80’s/early 90’s as Manager. Currently I share a volunteer radio show on Tuesday nights called Eclectic Ladyland. I also worked at UAS coordinating Vocational Education programs, as a bartender at the Arctic and was on the City Council for 15 years. I now work at PeaceHealth Ketchikan as a Community Relations Specialist (write stuff and take photos) and in retail at Chinook & Company.

While I was living my life I got married (Jim White), had two children (Billy White and Libby Howe) plus one that came with the marriage (Kelsey White). Now I have two teenage grandsons in Seattle with their mom (Trevor and Ethan) and another who lives here. Zander Howe will soon be three.

I tried my hand doing a lot of different art: painting, sculpting, batik, drawing…and music: piano, drums but have no aptitude. Just an appreciator; I’m a good audience.

Kathleen Wiechelman, (joined 2013) Kathleen has a Bachelor degree in Sociology from Doane College in Nebraska, and a Master degree in Library Science from Emporia State University in Kansas.  She and her husband, David, moved to Ketchikan in 1999.  They have two grown sons, one of whom is a talented multimedia artist and teacher, but that son gained not one ounce of his talent from his parents!  Kathleen is the campus librarian at UAS Ketchikan, and loves to hike, travel, and spend time with family and her dogs.  She feels extremely fortunate to live in a community with such a breadth and depth of artistic, musical and dramatic talent which she can support in a variety of ways.

Ellowyn Wood Student Representative (joined 2016) In 2016 Ellowyn will share the office of President of the National Arts Honor Society, Ketchikan chapter, with Charisma Manalo. Ellowyn will be the stundent representative to the Arts Council Board and Charisma will lead the NAHS meetings. Ketchikan is the only community in Alaska that has a NAHS chapter.

Please contact the Arts Council or any Board member to get involved!

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